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Roseanne Barr has it. So does Dame Judi Dench. These two celebs are among the 15 million men and women living with the most common cause of vision loss — age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a condition that erodes your ability to visualize what is right ahead of you in the middle of your visu ... Read more
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Your heart and brain are major beneficiaries of a nutritious, plant-based diet. But they haven’t cornered the market. Your eyes feel the love too — and it’s not all about carrots! New research suggests that getting plenty of vitamin C may help to slow the progression of cataracts, the leading cau ... Read more

Gazing into loved ones’ faces, reading novels and the news, scanning the sky for rainbows and the road for crossing squirrels…our eyesight allows us to appreciate both the mundane and the profound. Eating spinach, beets, and other vegetables could help to preserve it, according to new research. ... Read more

If your brain, heart and eyes met for lunch, they’d probably order the same thing. The legendary benefits of the plant-rich Mediterranean diet don’t end with your brain or your ticker — your whole body benefits, including your eyes. New research shows that including plenty of fruit in that Medi ... Read more

There are a lot of things to feast your eyes on in this world. Rainbows and sunsets, blooming flowers, the faces of people you love, just to name a few. But what do we spend a whole lot of time looking at? Screens! And our eyes rebel, in the form of blurred vision, dry eyes, headaches, and fatigu ... Read more
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