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Do you see the proverbial glass as half empty or half full? When it comes to nutrition, it appears that the latter, more optimistic approach may be best. Not only is Mediterranean-style eating associated with fewer heart attacks and strokes in people with pre-existing heart disease, but the resul ... Read more

Where’s the beef? Not on your plate every day if you want to keep your heart ticking into your twilight years. A population study on women over age 50 suggests that diets high in protein (animal protein in particular) may increase the risk of heart failure. While this study shows only an associ ... Read more

Resolving phobias can be a tricky business. We’re not talking about heights or spiders, but the irrational fear of eating fat. The myths that “fat is unhealthy” and “fat will make you fat!” have hung on, fueled by a food industry that makes a lot of money off low-fat, highly processed “food,” a t ... Read more

Seeing the forest for the trees is a fantastic skill for navigating life’s adventures — and for eating well. Rather than obsessing about particular nutrients or food groups, think big picture. New research shows that your eating patterns may affect your risk of rheumatoid arthritis, a debilitatin ... Read more

Are you getting your daily dose of fresh-squeezed olive juice? That’s essentially what extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) is. A new study makes a strong case for following a Mediterranean diet and then supplementing the diet with four tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil every day. In the six-year st ... Read more

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For prostate cancer prevention, put mushrooms in your grocery cart. read full tip
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