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That habit of checking your email, Twitter and Facebook one last time before you turn out the light at night may be costing you some serious zzz’s. Smartphones are almost perfectly designed to disrupt sleep. That’s because the artificial light emitted from phones (as well as laptops and tablets) ... Read more
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Even one night of lost sleep can take a toll on cognition and wellness. One of the best ways to deal with insomnia is to create a regular bedtime routine. That regularity builds a healthy habit of getting to bed at a reasonable hour and signals your mind that it’s time to unwind. Create your own ... Read more
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 The Importance of Sleep On Your Heart
The benefits of sleep go well beyond the resting of muscles made sore by exertion. Sleeping a solid seven or eight hours per night is a marker of good heart health. A recent study showed that inadequate sleep is associated with increased calcium buildup in the heart’s arteries. This calcium is ... Read more
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Poor sleep doesn’t just make you feel bad the next day. People with chronic sleep troubles also have a greater risk of developing other problems, like heart attacks and strokes. Don’t feel like you have to live with chronic difficulty sleeping. Your first step should be to discuss your insomnia w ... Read more

Give your mood a lift with yoga. Whether you’re feeling sad and depressed or disorganized and unfocused, doing some sun salutations may help. A review of more than 100 studies found that a regular yoga practice may help alleviate symptoms of depression, insomnia, ADHD and even schizophrenia. Howe ... Read more

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