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Feel like your relationship could use a little boost? Take a trip together. A new survey suggests that couples who travel together not only have better relationships, they also have better sex. What’s more, according to the 1,100 adults surveyed, taking a trip can actually spark togetherness and ... Read more

Staying socially active appears to keep you in good health. Ten minutes of chitchat improves cognitive performance, and those who have regular interactions are significantly less likely to experience declining mental function than others. One great way to get out, make friends and help your commu ... Read more
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 Seeing Yourself Clearly to Build Stronger Connections
Research shows that people with meaningful human connections appear to be healthier and happier. But connections don’t come easily, and learning to get along with different personalities at work (and at home) can be a difficult business. While I have, on occasion, complained about a demanding b ... Read more

It may be time to rethink those late-night dramas you watch on TV. Seeing the hero sweat out a crisis might make your heart pound. Stress is, in fact, contagious. A recent study compared cortisol concentrations in various individuals and found that while so-called “empathetic stress” is most like ... Read more
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Team up to fight stress. Spending time holding one another can help melt away tension. Research shows that when couples took time to show physical affection by way of hand-holding, hugging and cuddling, it boosted their levels of the love hormone oxytocin and reduced levels of alpha amylase, a st ... Read more

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Control your blood sugar when you’re short on time: Hoof it up a hill a few times before eating. read full tip
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