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By now you’ve probably heard that a gratitude journal can powerfully improve your mood. And it’s no wonder: Keeping tabs on your daily appreciations can help you focus on just how many little things there are to celebrate in life. But if you want to get an even bigger emotional bang from your boo ... Read more
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Americans are amazingly generous! One in four Americans volunteer through an organization, and in any given year we donate more than 7 billion hours (time that’s worth about $175 billion)! Volunteering for organizations whose mission you support benefits the group, but it also helps you. For deca ... Read more

Drinking a glass of red or white wine (up to four ounces per day for women, up to eight ounces for men) or a beer or spirits can be part of a diet that’s healthy for your heart and the blood vessels to your brain. But too much of a good thing is likely to have negative consequences. Two examples: ... Read more

The number of residences with just one person has more than doubled since 1960, from 13 to 27 percent. The majority of these people are female, over 55 and formerly married. But that doesn’t mean they’re lonely. Many older singles have discovered one of the secrets to staying connected: Volunteer ... Read more
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Women may be great at multitasking and finding diplomatic solutions, whereas men often do better focusing on single tasks and taking action. In fact, many jokes are based on these stereotypes. But stereotypes are sometimes, maybe often, based on actual observations. These aren’t exactly new obser ... Read more

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Finally…it’s spring! That means it’s asparagus season. Look for tight tips and firm stalks for the freshest taste and moread full tip
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