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Monkey mind, the tendency for our thoughts to restlessly move around the way a monkey swings from branch to branch in a tree, is part of the human condition. But those who suffer from clinical anxiety experience monkey mind with greater magnitude — all with a negative spin. A new study offers t ... Read more

Most of us make an effort to be a “good listener” — we try to pay attention when others talk. But what about listening to yourself? Not to your voice, or to the chatter between your ears, but to your body. Paying attention to what’s happening in your body may make you more resilient to stress, su ... Read more

Ever notice how your energy can fail at the most inopportune times? Your report to your boss is due tomorrow and you just can’t concentrate. Your kids want to play catch but you can hardly get off the couch. For many of us, the main cause of mental and physical exhaustion is stress. Stress impair ... Read more

When you have a smartphone in hand, the world is at your fingertips. But is that a good thing? The answer: It’s complicated! Have you ever had a heart-to-heart with a friend while grocery shopping and arrived home to realize you forgot the apples, the yogurt and the brown rice? You’re a human b ... Read more
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Here’s some old news that bears repeating: Along with eating only foods that love your body back and doing regular physical activity, managing stress is essential for avoiding chronic illness. Now here’s some new news that deserves your attention: Stress may change the way your body processes c ... Read more

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Feeling anxious? Meditation can make you more resilient. read full tip
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