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Our thoughts are an almost constant distraction to the present moment. We experience our thoughts as real and automatic; they just pop into our minds and quickly become the focus of our attention, distracting us from what we are doing or what is happening around us at any given moment. When you ... Read more
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Given everything most of us try to pack into a day, it’s not surprising that we may feel overwhelmed. Even with the best of intentions, before we know it, we fall back into old ways of thinking and doing things. Our focus shifts back to taking care of everyone and everything else first. Sometim ... Read more
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Think about what happens to your body when you are in a stressful situation. Maybe your neck and shoulders feel tight. You may feel your stomach tighten or churn. You may even hold your breath or start breathing faster. If you aren’t aware of the physical symptoms of stress or can’t alleviate the ... Read more

We know that excess amounts of the stress hormone cortisol may result in damage to neurons in the brain, especially in your hippocampus, or memory controlling area, impairing memory and learning ability in all people, but worse in older adults. Fortunately, levity and laughter may come to the res ... Read more
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We all experience transitions in life. Sometimes we make them happen, and sometimes they just happen to us (whether we like it or not). No matter whether your next transition is related to a new job, a new home or a change in your relationship, you can make it a successful journey, despite the ... Read more
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