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New studies being reported almost daily strengthen the association between psychological stress in general, and stress at work in particular, with poor health. Although a severe mental stress level at work, similar to a televised high–drama soccer game or the death of a loved one, could lead to ... Read more

Americans are amazingly generous! One in four Americans volunteer through an organization, and in any given year we donate more than 7 billion hours (time that’s worth about $175 billion)! Volunteering for organizations whose mission you support benefits the group, but it also helps you. For deca ... Read more

Stress ages your body and mind, so check your to-do list for things you’ve been meaning to do forever that you just haven’t gotten to. That project you just haven’t started yet might be causing you harm. “Whether it’s a cluttered closet, peeling paint or cracked bathroom tiles that continue to st ... Read more
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Adjusting to daylight saving time, especially in the spring, can be harder than we expect. To make the transition easier, try adding relaxing aromatherapy to your ritual with the Dreamtime Calming Shoulder Pillow, filled with clove, cinnamon, and eucalyptus. We love that the pillow can be used fo ... Read more
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Deep breathing stimulates your vagus nerve, which calms your brain and dampens your stress response. When you exhale, suck your belly button toward your spine to push your diaphragm up and let you empty all the air from your lungs. Then inhale deeply to bring a compound called nitric oxide from t ... Read more

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