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Think your levels of happiness and well-being are set in stone? Research shows that meditating for as little as eight weeks can help downshift levels of anxiety and negativity while increasing one’s positivity. This slight attitude adjustment can help people cope better when dealing with stress ... Read more

This tip is from Cleveland Clinic Chief Wellness Officer Mike Roizen, MD, from his new book, This Is Your Do-Over. Here’s a peek at his essential do-over deeds. The two categories of stress that really damage your body are major life events and the ones that nag chronically. But you can beat thes ... Read more
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There are many long-awaited blessings that arrive with spring — warmer weather, more daylight, and blooming trees and gardens. But, alas, spring brings more than just sunshine and baseball games: It brings tax time. As you’ve undoubtedly experienced, income tax season can be incredibly stressful. ... Read more

If you’re drowning in a sea of stuff (old, new, borrowed, blue…red, orange, yellow), here’s a reason to start swimming away from it: Chronic clutter isn’t just a house issue, it’s a health issue — and tackling it can help to relieve anxiety and increase your ability to focus. It may even increase ... Read more
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We are a society of doers. We spend most of our time focused on accomplishing tasks, working towards goals, and analyzing and problem solving our way through busy days. We even fill our valuable vacations — our time off — with activities, for the sake of having fun! It can get pretty exhausting ... Read more
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Snuggle up. You’ll make your relationship stronger while you sleep!read full tip
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