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During winter, I always tell people to heed Mom’s advice and wash their hands a lot. Frequent washing — with warm water and soap, please — helps prevent the spread of germs that lead to colds and flu (which saves you a lot of discomfort, as well as money you would have spent on Kleenex). As the w ... Read more
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If you drink more than a cup of coffee a day — and don’t like it black — you may be adding far too much extra sugar and fat to your diet. Flavored syrups, nondairy creamers, half-and-half and sugar take away the health benefits of coffee and tack on a serious number of empty calories that could b ... Read more
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Just because a plastic container is labeled “microwave-safe” doesn’t mean it won’t leach chemicals into your food. Rather, it means that the container won’t melt when heated. Whether or not it’s safe to heat your food in plastic at all is a subject of much debate. Some experts — such as Frederick ... Read more
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We love getting warm and cozy during the holidays. But we don’t love the stale air that comes from all that indoor time. Our solution: AromaMist Ultrasonic Diffuser and Mister, a handy little diffuser that creates a soothing mist, improves air quality and even offers aromatherapy benefits. Ultras ... Read more
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 The link between food pesticides and ADHD
There is some data that pesticide exposure is associated with a higher percentage of kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but the studies do not yet show causality. What this means is there may be some other factor causing this increase, and pesticide use can be seen as th ... Read more
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