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You can be of perfectly sound mind and still hear voices in your head. In fact, there’s a whole lot of chatter up there on any given day. And if you’re trying to manage your weight, the conversation in your mind can either help or harm your efforts, says Daniel Neides, MD, who facilitates the Cle ... Read more
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Would you believe that 108 million Americans tried to lose weight last year? It’s true! What’s more, nearly 82 percent of them attempted it on their own. If you’re among these health seekers, you may want to try the Body Weight Planner. This online tool, designed by the National Institutes of Hea ... Read more

The key to getting to your ideal waist size is dieting smart, not hard. It is your waist size, after all, which is most important to your health. (You want to get to 35 inches or less, measured at your belly button while sucking in, which you’ll do anyway.) That’s right, if you diet smart, waist ... Read more
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In America, we want everything NOW — fast food, breaking news and next-day delivery. Our desire for quick results from exercise is no different. So what do we do? We restrict our daily caloric intake to unsustainable levels and exercise to burn additional calories. The pounds start to melt off an ... Read more
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I have been facilitating TRIM-LIFE, our shared medical appointment for weight "release" at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, for over a year now. I am proud to not only be a graduate of the program myself but to share with patients the wisdom of living at the highest level thro ... Read more
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