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There’s nothing fun about suffering the body aches, runny or stuffy nose, and fatigue that typically come with the flu. Beyond getting a flu shot (do it today or tomorrow if you haven’t already!), here’s how to keep your home as flu-free as possible: Wash your hands—well: You may already know ... Read more

Depending on where you live, the outdoors may be getting cold and gray. That doesn’t mean your plate has to follow suit! Keep things colorful with our Asian-style Squash and Spinach, a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Gorgeous butternut squash, roasted to creamy, caramelized perfection, a ... Read more
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As we near the end of 2018 and prepare our Thanksgiving feasts, it’s worth examining the plant-based food trend that experts say was the food trend of the past year. You may have noticed restaurant offerings that extended beyond the typical veggie burger—savory bean-filled breakfasts, tofu and ... Read more
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Getting regular exercise, eating a nutritious diet, controlling stress, not smoking, limiting alcohol—they’re all crucial things you do for yourself to live a long, healthy life. To further boost your mental and physical health, do something for someone else. Studies show that when you do for o ... Read more
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Every superhero needs a sidekick. And just like Batman has Robin, calcium — a bone and muscle miracle worker — has magnesium! This critical mineral is more than a sidekick, though. Magnesium acts in synergy with calcium and vitamin D to build bone and protect against osteoporosis. Magnesium may a ... Read more

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