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With the world spinning around you at Mach 2, it’s all too easy to bring that hurtling mentality to the dinner table. But racing through meals can be a recipe for trouble. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain and belly to register fullness, so if you wolf down your food quickly, you can end u ... Read more
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If you’re not familiar with sorghum, you’re in for a delicious surprise. This ancient whole grain is not only really good for you (it may help prevent colon cancer, modulate blood sugars, improve insulin resistance and reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol), but it’s also gluten-free. This recipe makes ... Read more
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You can probably call to mind the less-than-nutritious end of the salad spectrum — sad piles of limp, icy lettuce and flat, tasteless tomatoes slathered in ranch or honey-mustard dressing, both of which are loaded with sugar, mainly in the form of corn syrup. On the opposite end is our Arugula Sa ... Read more
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This tip is from Cleveland Clinic Chief Wellness Officer Mike Roizen, MD, from his new book, This Is Your Do-Over. Here’s a sneak peek at his essential do-over deeds. How do you ensure a successful lifetime partnership? How do you know whether the attraction is worth making permanent? How do you ... Read more
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And the award for Health Multitasker of the Millennium goes to…yoga! The antithesis of flash-in-the-pan fitness trends, yoga has stood the ultimate test of time — for thousands of years — and borne up under scientific scrutiny, too. Recent accolades include evidence that yoga can both 1) lower yo ... Read more

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To treat your body right, put on the brakes while eating. Slowing down helps you eat more mindfully. read full tip
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