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 The Importance of Sleep On Your Heart
The benefits of sleep go well beyond the resting of muscles made sore by exertion. Sleeping a solid seven or eight hours per night is a marker of good heart health. A recent study showed that inadequate sleep is associated with increased calcium buildup in the heart’s arteries. This calcium is ... Read more

Physical fitness has previously been linked to better cognitive performance in older adults as well as children. Now, a new study shows that college students also struggle to retain information when their bodies are out of shape. The good news is that even small amounts of exercise, especially a ... Read more

Feel like your relationship could use a little boost? Take a trip together. A new survey suggests that couples who travel together not only have better relationships, they also have better sex. What’s more, according to the 1,100 adults surveyed, taking a trip can actually spark togetherness and ... Read more

For over 35 years, women have been gathering on Florida's Captiva Island at ’Tween Waters Inn to focus on their health and well-being. This year, The Tanya I. Edwards, MD, Center for Integrative Medicine is delighted to continue the tradition with an exciting lineup of experts for this rejuvenati ... Read more
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Think about what happens to your body when you are in a stressful situation. Maybe your neck and shoulders feel tight. You may feel your stomach tighten or churn. You may even hold your breath or start breathing faster. If you aren’t aware of the physical symptoms of stress or can’t alleviate the ... Read more

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