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As the sun shines brighter and warmer, open your windows, turn up the tunes, and spend a morning creating a healthier kitchen pantry. First, take stock of what’s in your cabinets — a missing sock, your lost keys, six-year-old spices, perhaps? — and look for opportunities to fill ’em with more nut ... Read more

This tip is from Cleveland Clinic Chief Wellness Officer Mike Roizen, MD, from his new book, This Is Your Do-Over. Here’s a sneak peek at his essential do-over deeds. The power of making a to-do list and schedule is that it gives you the ability to see your entire day, week or month ahead. This a ... Read more
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Think your levels of happiness and well-being are set in stone? Research shows that meditating for as little as eight weeks can help downshift levels of anxiety and negativity while increasing one’s positivity. This slight attitude adjustment can help people cope better when dealing with stress ... Read more

Roasting is a simple and delicious way to bring out vegetables’ savory, exciting (and natural) flavors. Try Sorghum Salad with Roasted Cauliflower and Tomatoes and a Curry Vinaigrette. If you’ve never tried sorghum, introduce this lesser-known whole grain to your weekly repertoire (who couldn’t u ... Read more
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Your brain plays a crucial role in your overall health, but how often do you think about taking good care of it? A growing body of research points toward lifestyle habits having a much bigger impact on our ability to process, store and recall information. That means what you eat and drink, how ... Read more
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Spring-clean your pantry — and your arteries! — for a healthy, fresh start to the full tip
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