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Your heart and brain are major beneficiaries of a nutritious, plant-based diet. But they haven’t cornered the market. Your eyes feel the love too — and it’s not all about carrots! New research suggests that getting plenty of vitamin C may help to slow the progression of cataracts, the leading cau ... Read more

This Earth Day, vow to put more locally grown, whole foods on your family’s dinner table, today and every day. Foods that require more than their fair share of resources to be manufactured — e.g., corn syrup, sugars, seed oils and beef — are not healthy for humans or the planet. Here’s a tasty so ... Read more

At the Fitness Academy Awards, cardio and resistance exercise get the diva treatment: red carpet, glitzy gowns, long-winded speeches, the works. Flexibility, nominated for a supporting role, feels underappreciated (yet extremely relaxed). But balance? Snubbed! Balance exercises may lack glamour, ... Read more
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Spring has sprung, and the tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths aren’t the only plants bursting out from their winter slumber. Tender, crisp, spring vegetables and fresh herbs are at their prime. And when plant foods are this fresh, all you need to do is get out of their way and let them shine. Cas ... Read more

What happens when you add liquid to an already-full cup? It overflows. If you want to add more, you have to pour some out. Your brain appears to work in a similar fashion…while you sleep. In a recent study, researchers found that at night, the brain shrinks some of the connections between brain ... Read more
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The eyes have it! Vitamin C may slow the progression of cataracts. read full tip
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