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If the onset of spring means a stuffy nose for you, try clearing your nasal passages by rinsing them with a saline solution (called nasal lavage) or by inhaling steam. These are two beneficial alternatives to decongestant and antihistamine medications or allergy shots. To steam: 1) pour some fres ... Read more

It’s time to celebrate spring! So kick off your boots and prepare your feet for some pretty sandals. A pedicure may be your first step to making the transition. Do it safely by putting off shaving until afterward. That way, if you happen to nick yourself, you won’t have to be concerned about incr ... Read more

Olive oil is an integral part of a Mediterranean-style diet. Eating a diet rich in olive oil cuts your risk of heart attack and stroke by 30 percent. To be sure you’re getting what you want, remember that not every oil that’s labeled “olive oil” delivers on its name. “Light” olive oils may be dil ... Read more

A number of years ago I read in Barbara Kingsolver’s bestselling Animal, Vegetable, Miracle about the vegetannual, an imaginary plant that, if it were real, would pass through every stage of a plant’s life during each complete growing season, from the spring through to the fall. If the garden w ... Read more

The next time you find yourself with a twinge of back pain, grab a pair of tennis balls and put them inside a sock. Lie down on the ground and place the sock under the sore spot. Roll around on the balls until you feel the tension melt away. It’s almost like having a deep-tissue massage (but much ... Read more

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Do spring blooms have you sniffling and sneezing? Breathing steam can help clear clogged full tip
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