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This white, mild fish takes on flavorful spices and sauces beautifully. Here it’s marinated in paprika, cumin and garlic and paired with a crunchy and spicy salsa. With purple radicchio, yellow bell peppers and green jalapeños, it’s a gorgeous-looking dish too! A good source of omega-3 fatty ac ... Read more

Here it is, that moment when you send your child off into the world, excited for him to embark on a grand new adventure. But wait — what does that mean for you? He’s starting a new chapter, with greater independence, imagination and ideas about what the future holds. Are you too? Try to think of ... Read more

Although menopause is often approached with dread due to symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats and mood swings, it doesn’t need to make you miserable! Many of the symptoms of hormonal fluctuation can be lessened in severity — or even eliminated — through diet, exercise and stress redu ... Read more
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If your morning routine sometimes sends you out the door on the wrong foot, then practice this exercise to shift your mind-set and begin your day with a bang! Start by focusing your attention on your breath; take a second to notice how it feels to breathe in and out. This will help quiet your min ... Read more
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Although microwaves may be synonymous with instant popcorn and microwavable dinners, these small ovens can make eating nutritious foods easier too. (Just warm up that delicious veggie soup you made last night.) Microwaves are not dangerous, nor do they destroy the nutrients from food. But 90 perc ... Read more
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