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Peanuts pack a real nutritional punch in each little legume — protein, fiber, healthy fats, a whole host of essential vitamins and minerals — and eating them may protect against cardiovascular disease, just as more expensive tree nuts do. We’ve known for years that people who eat tree nuts — almo ... Read more

All of us at The Tanya I. Edwards, MD, Center for Integrative Medicine are delighted to continue the tradition of Women’s Wellness Week, November 8–15, 2015, in the tranquil setting of ’Tween Waters Inn Resort & Spa on beautiful Captiva Island. Join us for this weeklong women’s wellness retre ... Read more

Come on in — the water’s fine! Among the many wonderful ways to get your body moving, there’s nothing quite as soothing as swimming. Being wet and weightless feels good. But it’s not true that “no pain” means “no gain.” On the contrary, swimming and other water-based exercises benefit your whole ... Read more
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All that tap, tap, tapping on your computer for hours on end may help keep you in good stead with your boss, but your wrists on the other hand…they’re none too happy about it. The repetitive motion of typing and using a mouse can cause inflammation in the narrow parts of the wrists, leading to nu ... Read more
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Bath, book, bed…As any parent knows, an established bedtime routine can make all the difference between a nightmare evening and a fairytale ending to the day. But a soothing nighttime ritual isn’t just for kids. Adults need one, too! Set an alarm (a little Chopin, perhaps?) for an hour before you ... Read more
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You don’t have to shell out big bucks to get the nutritional benefits of nuts. You can get them for peanuts!read full tip
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