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When it comes to holiday budgeting, there’s more to consider than just how much money you want to spend. Think about what your holiday shopping will cost you in time, energy and emotional resources. Research shows that for many people, January and February are two of the most stressful and depr ... Read more
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The gluteus maximus (aka rump, backside, derriere or buttocks) is one of the strongest and most important muscles in your body, and it was made for a lot more than just sitting! For starters, it assists in extending your leg, and it helps keep your pelvis in a neutral position when you’re vertica ... Read more

Here it is, that moment when you send your child off into the world, excited for him to embark on a grand new adventure. But wait — what does that mean for you? He’s starting a new chapter, with greater independence, imagination and ideas about what the future holds. Are you too? Try to think of ... Read more
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This white, mild fish takes on flavorful spices and sauces beautifully. Here it’s marinated in paprika, cumin and garlic and paired with a crunchy and spicy salsa. With purple radicchio, yellow bell peppers and green jalapeños, it’s a gorgeous-looking dish too! A good source of omega-3 fatty ac ... Read more
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Although menopause is often approached with dread due to symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats and mood swings, it doesn’t need to make you miserable! Many of the symptoms of hormonal fluctuation can be lessened in severity — or even eliminated — through diet, exercise and stress redu ... Read more
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