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Burn, baby, burn? Not unless you’re talking about a disco inferno! In the case of heartburn, over-the-counter and prescription medications can be lifesavers for occasional bouts of heartburn, but there are better solutions for the long haul. “The best treatment for heartburn is reducing your wais ... Read more
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Recently the New York Times surveyed Americans and a panel of nutrition experts about which foods they thought were good or bad for you. While a small number of nutritious foods (kale, apples and oatmeal, for example) and not-at-all nutritious foods (soda, white bread and French fries) were eas ... Read more

Potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, and the like are abundant year-round. But in the summer, when warm-weather gatherings and road trips abound, they can seem to spread like poison ivy. Make sure the salty, crunchy allure of packaged snacks doesn’t sabotage your intentions by following the Bo ... Read more

You don’t have to be Picasso to make art that’s valuable. We don’t mean valuable in the Sotheby’s sense — but valuable for your health. New research shows that creating arts and crafts lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol. As part of our body’s fight-or-flight response, cortisol is essent ... Read more
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If you’re a coffee devotee, you may wonder if the researchers who study America’s most popular buzz will ever find common ground. While older research once suggested that coffee might contribute to cancer, newer studies suggest that it may help prevent some types of the disease. What’s a java lov ... Read more
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Don’t feel the burn! For long-term heartburn relief, the best prescriptions are weight loss and full tip
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