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Whether you’re looking for peace of mind, stronger muscles or greater flexibility, there’s a style of yoga that will help you meet your goal. From vigorous ashtanga to the popular hatha, there’s an “om” for everyone! Cleveland Clinic yoga program manager Judi Bar gets you started: Ashtanga is ... Read more

Most parents dropping kids off at college tell their progeny to study hard, limit partying, and wear flip-flops in the shower. Few, we bet, offer this nugget of wisdom: Make as many friends as you can. What many parents don’t know is that the quantity of social interactions at age 20 and the qual ... Read more

Eating your greens is about to get even more delicious — and heart-healthy! In addition to eating dark, leafy nutrition powerhouses like spinach, kale and Swiss chard, add a lighter shade of green to the mix. Consuming avocados regularly may also help your heart. Researchers compared three diets ... Read more
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In your parallel life, the one in which you live at a health spa, you might go for a long walk or jog each morning, do some resistance exercises after lunch, and practice an hour and a half of yoga in the evening. (This sounds like the perfect vacation to us!) In your real life, however, you prob ... Read more
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It’s exciting to think that there may be new, never-been-tried, nutritious foods available to add to our shopping carts! Unfortunately, all those new and improved foods don’t hold up to their marketing promises. I talked about a few of those overhyped products and trends in Part 1 of this series. ... Read more
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You may have your personal style down pat, but take it to a new (and healthier) level and think about your yoga style! read full tip
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