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Good news for migraine sufferers — meditation can help reduce the frequency and severity of debilitating headaches. A new, but small, study suggests that migraine sufferers who practice meditation suffer fewer, and less severe migraines. It also lessens the duration of headaches. Best results wer ... Read more

It may be called a “winter” squash, but the butternut is a signature of fall. Its shapely exterior and autumn color hint at the sweet and nutty treasure that awaits inside. Just roast it, toast it, mash it or puree it to enjoy its delicious flavor. This nutritional powerhouse offers loads of heal ... Read more

Here’s a novel idea: Tell the ones you love just how much with a gift for better health! This Cardio Superfoods Gift Pack says you care in a whole new way — with just the right ingredients for a healthier heart. Our gift pack is filled with gift-worthy kitchen essentials including: Organic Extra- ... Read more

Fall, an enchanting season that captivates all of your senses, is a fantastic time to start a mindfulness practice. That’s because fall invites you to go outside and observe all the beauty around you, to use all your senses to bring you to the present moment. A mindful walk will put you in touch ... Read more

What’s red and green and orange all over? Our beautiful fall salad! Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, sweet potatoes make a deliciously satisfying base for this dish. And like many other fire-hued veggies, these sweet tubers are rich in beta-carotene (important in cancer prevention, ... Read more
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Hey, migraines, take a hike! We’re moving on with meditation. read full tip
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