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Vitamin D is essential for bone health, but it has other benefits as well. In populations that have the highest vitamin D levels, there are lower rates of stroke, some cancers, and even dementias. There are two ways to get adequate amounts of the “sunshine vitamin”: Eat and drink foods that are r ... Read more

It’s Halloween and we’ve got bones on our minds! If you’re feeling too much like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz because your joints are stiff and achy, then read on friends. While we don’t have a can of oil along this yellow brick road, we do have yoga solutions for getting you moving more com ... Read more

Stretching increases mobility and range of motion, improves blood flow, and loosens tight muscles that can cause back pain. One key to stretching, of course, is when you choose to do it. You can stretch after a 5- to 10-minute warm-up, after exercise, or any time you need to loosen up, so long as ... Read more
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What do you get when you add poached eggs to a bed of warm vegetables? A gorgeous, nutrient-packed dish that’s sure to be a hit with your friends and family. Plus, our Poached Eggs in Stewed Tomatoes and Peppers has just what you need to start the day off right: protein, nutritious fats and a big ... Read more
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What’s cute, cuddly and the antidote to a tough day at work? Man’s best friend, of course. Having a pet around can help your body better handle stress. When we get worked up, the stress response can make our pulse quicken and our blood pressure soar. While Fido won’t magically make all of your ... Read more
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Mind matters: Spend a few minutes outdoors every day and eat a diet filled with vitamin-D-rich foods to help keep your brain sharp. read full tip
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