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Staying hydrated this summer gets a whole lot easier with fruit-infused water! We love this handy infuser because it adds flavor without adding sugars. The dishwasher-safe Healthy Steps Water Infuser keeps fruit slices and herbs contained and fits inside a water pitcher. Try combining cucumber an ... Read more
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Swimming is the most popular recreational activity among children and teens, but only 15 percent of adults swim six or more times a year. We hope more adults start taking a regular dip this season, and here’s why: Swimming is a terrific exercise choice any time of year, but it’s especially co ... Read more
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Many adults know that carrots are rich in beta-carotene, the form of vitamin A, and that they are key for vision. The good news is that there are other things you can snack on to improve your eye health. To find nutritious sources of beta-carotene, let color guide you. Beta-carotene levels are hi ... Read more
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Losing weight and keeping it off is not easy — but it can be done! It may seem that at every corner you turn, there are obstacles to keep you from your goals. Many factors are to blame: the company you keep; the line of work you're in; increased variety in stores; and shortcuts to get from poin ... Read more
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We know that excess amounts of the stress hormone cortisol may result in damage to neurons in the brain, especially in your hippocampus, or memory controlling area, impairing memory and learning ability in all people, but worse in older adults. Fortunately, levity and laughter may come to the res ... Read more

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If summer’s heat makes your local swimming pool look especially tempting, give in! read full tip
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