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Cholesterol, in the right amounts, helps your body function well. But when your genes and diet leave your body with cholesterol levels that are too high, red yeast rice can help lower it. Our Prescriptive Wellness Committee believes there is strong evidence for red yeast rice as a “natural statin ... Read more

As a nation, we’re eating about the same number of calories as we have for the past 20 years, yet obesity is on the rise. One culprit? Lack of physical activity. The number of American women who say they never exercise has increased nearly 33 percent in 16 years! For men, the number spiked 32 per ... Read more

One of the best reasons to make your berry crisp — the smell of bubbling fruits mixed with fragrant spices and fresh lemon juice wafting through your home. This dish is warm and satisfying, with just the right amount of crunch from heart-healthy almonds and oats. In fact, it just might be the p ... Read more
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Erasing stress takes time, but it takes only a little effort. Jane Ehrman, MEd, a behavioral health specialist at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Lifestyle Medicine, suggests beginning with three to five minutes of mindfulness meditation just a few times a week. Then work your way up to 25 minute ... Read more
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Here’s the good news: The chicken pox vaccine, which was first introduced for healthy children in 1995, prevents more than 3.5 million cases of the illness each year. But widespread use of the vaccine may be putting more adults at risk for developing shingles later in adulthood. What’s the connec ... Read more

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