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Let's face it, as a kid the best thing about Halloween (after dressing up) is the candy. For one evening a year, children prowl around their neighborhoods looking for something sweet to put in their pillowcases or plastic pumpkins, and we adults gladly oblige. Perhaps, in an effort to make our ... Read more

Although microwaves may be synonymous with instant popcorn and microwavable dinners, these small ovens can make eating nutritious foods easier too. (Just warm up that delicious veggie soup you made last night.) Microwaves are not dangerous, nor do they destroy the nutrients from food. But 90 perc ... Read more

You may have heard a friend or neighbor swear by the Paleo diet as a means for weight loss and maintenance. But one of the tenets of the so-called caveman diet is forgoing refined sugars, dairy and all grains. Stripped carbs — those that come mainly from sugar cane, wheat, rice and corn (think: h ... Read more
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“Your skin reflects what you eat.” Okay, that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but it could be. There are actually a number of foods that protect and nourish your skin (and of course a few that will prevent it from looking its best — namely added sugars and alcohol). To give your skin a healthy ... Read more
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If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, and you’re tempted to try prescription sleep medications, try other choices first! Emergency visits due to overmedication with a sleep aid called zolpidem have increased significantly. Not surprisingly, if a sleep aid doesn’t work, people some ... Read more
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Instead of nuking last night’s leftovers in just any plastic container, use glass or specially designed “undisturbed” full tip
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