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The old adage “everything in moderation” may not be the best mantra for everyone when it comes to optimal health. Stripped carbs and processed foods high in sugar or salt are designed to make you crave them more. “Similar to other addictions, chemical messengers in the brain get habituated to see ... Read more
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Practicing yoga has many proven health benefits, but choosing the style that is right for you is important. You may want a more vigorous style of yoga to get your heart rate up. Or you may need something gentle, as you begin to learn this ancient art. In addition to choosing the right style, it’s ... Read more

You’ve probably all heard it (or said it) before: “I have a slow metabolism, so I can’t lose weight.” But what does that really mean? Let me explain: Metabolism is the burning of calories necessary to supply the body with the energy it needs to function on a daily basis. Your Basal Metabolic Ra ... Read more
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You’ve heard us preach about the benefits of taking 10,000 steps every day (no excuses!). We even have a Facebook group, “I Do It 10,000 Times a Day,” to support you in that effort. There are numerous reasons to get out and walk (lowering your blood pressure and boosting your mood, for starters), ... Read more
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 Keeping Fit as a Family
Keeping fit should be a family affair. According to studies, children who not only have active parents but actually participate in physical activity with their parents are much more likely to be healthy and active adults. It’s not enough for a child to understand that mom or dad goes to the gym ... Read more

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