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Meditation can often calm the mind and body and help us connect with our inner wisdom and strength. But that isn’t always the case. Don’t be surprised if, while you’re meditating, an old, upsetting memory or uncomfortable feeling bubbles up. You might begin to feel anxious or stressed and wonde ... Read more
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If you work outside the home, you probably spend almost as much time with your co-workers as you do with your family, maybe more. Having workplace buddies can diminish our frustrations and boost our success. Research has shown several benefits to having workplace buddies. The positive energy of ... Read more
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For a long time, scientists have been somewhat baffled about sleep and its effect on the brain. Recent research reveals that sleep helps to re-energize brain cells, remove waste from the brain and aid in learning and memory. Sleep even affects mood, appetite and sex drive. All those benefits ad ... Read more
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If you’re working hard to make a significant lifestyle change, you may be familiar with the phrase “just this once won’t hurt.” It usually happens when you’re tired, in a time crunch, or generally feeling overly stressed. This thought is usually connected to the uncomfortable feelings of change ... Read more
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There you are…good and tired, ready to have a restful night of sleep. But just as soon as your head hits the pillow, your mind begins rehashing the day: the chaotic morning rush with kids, a difficult meeting at work, calls not returned, and on and on. Your busy mind is working overtime while y ... Read more
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