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In winter, when nature is dormant, you might find yourself naturally drawn to sit by the fireplace and quietly stare at the flames. Go ahead! Use the stillness of the season to allow yourself some rest and reflection. Here, a few ideas for enjoying winter to the fullest: Put down the remote ... Read more
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Whether recovering from an illness or injury, or working to improve your health, if you’re like most of us, you want to see results fast! Trying to lose weight? You want to see those numbers on the scale and inches on the tape measure drop right away. Research shows that most people quit new, h ... Read more
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If you’re someone who is generally conscientious about food and drink, the holidays can cause nightmares. I’m not talking about the fright of indigestion after eating a rich meal or drinking more than reasonable, although that certainly can be scary. I’m talking about what happens when you real ... Read more
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 How Our Immune System and Inner Calm Can Affect Cancer
We know that stress is a factor in illness. Research shows that high levels of unmanaged stress over a long stretch of time contribute to serious illness, including cancer. We’re not talking about a bad day; we’re talking about many months or years of toxic levels of unmanaged stress.   Resea ... Read more
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Meditation can often calm the mind and body and help us connect with our inner wisdom and strength. But that isn’t always the case. Don’t be surprised if, while you’re meditating, an old, upsetting memory or uncomfortable feeling bubbles up. You might begin to feel anxious or stressed and wonde ... Read more
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