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Losing weight and keeping it off is not easy — but it can be done! It may seem that at every corner you turn, there are obstacles to keep you from your goals. Many factors are to blame: the company you keep; the line of work you're in; increased variety in stores; and shortcuts to get from poin ... Read more

 Kristin Kirkpatrick
Americans today are bombarded with messages about super fruits that will transform their lives. All fruits and vegetables provide wonderful health benefits and yes, some provide more than others. But often times we are swayed more by clever marketing than by sound research. The lowly cherry oft ... Read more
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I have many clients in their forties, and they all seem to be struggling with the same issues when they come to me for advice. They tell me that their clothing does not fit the way it used to and that they have lost the energy the once had in their twenties and thirties. They don’t understand w ... Read more
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Have you ever been duped? Maybe you think you’re not the type to be tricked so easily. Well think again! The truth is, you’re actually getting duped every time you walk into your local grocery store. That’s right: The one place you go to fill your fridge with honest, good-for-you foods is also ... Read more
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In my first post about eggs, I explained the many health benefits of this delicious food choice. But what you’ll need to understand next, is what type of egg is best! Egg cartons are covered with enticing terms like "free-range," "cage-free," and "organic." But the ... Read more
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Carrots aren’t the only eye-friendly food around! Something really great for your eyes: Lutein and Zeaxanthin, found in leafy full tip
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