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I have many clients in their forties, and they all seem to be struggling with the same issues when they come to me for advice. They tell me that their clothing does not fit the way it used to and that they have lost the energy the once had in their twenties and thirties. They don’t understand w ... Read more
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In my first post about the most nutritious foods to eat in 2015, I covered seven powerful foods you should give a try this year. Now, on to the rest of my top 15! 8. LycheeThis Chinese fruit made quite a showing in 2014, from fruit cups to ice cream, and 2015 will most likely be another big yea ... Read more
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In this two-part series I’ll introduce you to some of the most exciting foods for wellness in 2015. Get your shopping carts ready! 1. Matcha teaHaven't heard of Matcha tea yet? You will. Matcha tea is the dried leaves of green tea ground into a powder. Before the leaves hit the ground however, ... Read more
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Let's face it, as a kid the best thing about Halloween (after dressing up) is the candy. For one evening a year, children prowl around their neighborhoods looking for something sweet to put in their pillowcases or plastic pumpkins, and we adults gladly oblige. Perhaps, in an effort to make our ... Read more

You probably already know that there are many delicious, nutritious foods to eat that will boost your health and reduce your risk of disease. Variety is the spice of life, after all. But if you’re looking for foods that work overtime for your wellness, focus on eating these seven foods every da ... Read more

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