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Let's face it, as a kid the best thing about Halloween (after dressing up) is the candy. For one evening a year, children prowl around their neighborhoods looking for something sweet to put in their pillowcases or plastic pumpkins, and we adults gladly oblige. Perhaps, in an effort to make our ... Read more

You probably already know that there are many delicious, nutritious foods to eat that will boost your health and reduce your risk of disease. Variety is the spice of life, after all. But if you’re looking for foods that work overtime for your wellness, focus on eating these seven foods every da ... Read more

If you’re a fan of my blog, then you know that I love to talk about walnuts. They are, in my mind, one of the best foods around. Walnuts are portable, healthy and satisfying and they provide the body with plenty of vitamin E, manganese, copper and omega 3 fatty acids. There is plenty of researc ... Read more

 How Nutty Are You?
A new study published in the Journal Diabetes Care has demonstrated yet another benefit of an old stand by snack – nuts. The study found that replacing a high carbohydrate snack with two ounces of nuts a day helped with glycemic and lipid control for people with Type 2 diabetes. Further, the ex ... Read more

 Kristin Kirkpatrick
Prunes – they're sweet, they’re satisfying and they're one of those foods that we usually eat when we're having issues with digestion, but the fabulous prune has benefits that extend well beyond the bathroom. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that prunes helped to im ... Read more

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