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Summer comes with plenty of adventures, from road trips on sunny days to campouts on starry nights. Why not add a little adventure to your diet for the upcoming summer, too? Below are a few fresh summertime foods – some stapes, some surprises. They’ll add flavors to your life and benefits for y ... Read more
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If you’re like many of my patients, “salad” brings up thoughts of dieting, deprivation, and, yes, boredom. Truth is, if you’re doing salad the right way, it can actually become a nutritious staple you love. Here are 6 ways to make – and thoroughly enjoy – your salads: Throw out those reduce ... Read more
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Have you ever had an argument with your spouse about where to eat? It happens to me all the time: I’m feeling Thai, but my husband is dead set on Mexican. I’ll admit, sometimes I pull the healthy-not healthy card to win. But the truth is that while some ethnic eats are healthier than others, yo ... Read more
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 Kristin Kirkpatrick
Americans today are bombarded with messages about super fruits that will transform their lives. All fruits and vegetables provide wonderful health benefits and yes, some provide more than others. But often times we are swayed more by clever marketing than by sound research. The lowly cherry oft ... Read more

 Kristin Kirkpatrick
Have you ever noticed that you eat the same greens day in and day out with no variety? Perhaps you choose the nutrient zero (but very popular) iceberg lettuce for your daily salad?  Although eating most greens provides great dietary benefits, adding variety means that you’re introducing lots of ... Read more

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