Healthy Holidays

5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
By Cleveland Clinic Wellness Editors 
Published 10/21/2010 
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1) Do the Math

Balance extra calories (e.g., 100 calories for a glass of wine or a cookie) with exercise to burn it off, like taking a 25-minute walk.

2) Use a Small Plate

Smaller plates encourage smaller portions, which means you eat less. (If you don’t got back for seconds, that is!)

3) Don’t Stand by the Buffet Table

If you hang out here, you will tend to consume more calories. Take a small plate and walk away from the table.

4) Eat Regular Meals

Skipping meals so you can splurge at the party will only cause you to overeat. Start the day with a good breakfast.

5) Stay Hydrated

If you think you’re hungry, you may actually just be thirsty. Studies show that drinking two glasses of water before every meal will help you consume fewer calories.