Healthy Holidays

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(Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)
Rushing to and fro
From the mall then back again
Last-minute gifts to buy 
When will it ever end?

As jolly as the holiday season can be at times, we all know there are also moments of stress, chaos and, well, indigestion. The overabundance of food (none of it very good for you), jam-packed family get-togethers, expectation overload...not such a pretty package, is it?

This season, why not give yourself a gift you’ll really appreciate: a healthy holiday season. While you can’t totally transform the nature of the holidays, you can make tweaks that will have you enjoying rather than dreading the season. Approach your holiday celebrations as opportunities for good health and suddenly a flight delay provides you with that extra few minutes you need for restful meditation or clocking more mileage on your pedometer. A potluck dinner party becomes a chance for you to show off some healthy cooking skills. And holiday shopping becomes an excuse to invest in the tools of good health. Here, we help you make over your holiday eating habits, fit exercise into your festive schedule and teach you how to manage your stress so you can focus on the joy of the season.

Now, let’s try this again:
Hiking though the snow
New boots cushy on our feet
Water bottle filled to the brim
Feeling pretty neat...