DHEA Suppository Supplement Review

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DHEA Suppository
DHEA is a naturally occurring steroid, not to be confused with the omega 3 fatty acid DHA
  Evaluated for:
Effectiveness Rating Effectiveness Rating
Vaginal atrophy
+2 (Moderate Evidence)
Increased Libido
+2 (Moderate Evidence)


  • Vaginal DHEA suppositories (also known as Prasterone suppositories) are quite helpful for improving vaginal dryness in postmenopausal women.
  • They are used as an alternative to intravaginal estrogen.
  • DHEA suppositories exert a local effect by converting to both estrogen and testosterone in the vagina. They are NOT absorbed into the blood stream. Since studies have shown that there is no increase in blood levels of estrogen when using these suppositories, they should be safe for women who have had hormone-sensitive cancer (breast and ovarian).
  • DHEA suppositories are helpful for decreasing painful intercourse, and may also improve libido by making the vaginal and clitoral tissues more sensitive.
  • DHEA suppositories improve symptoms of vaginal dryness, tissue atrophy, and libido (sexual desire). They appear to improve many kinds of problems associated with sexual intercourse.


  • DHEA suppositories have a very short (30 minute) half life.
  • Otherwise, there are not many cons to using this product.

Sulfated-DHEA, with a half life of more than 12 hours, may cause more irritation or side effects.

DOSAGE:Take a 25 mg suppository every night until it helps, then reduce usage to twice a week.

CONCLUSION:We conclude that a DHEA suppository is a safe and effective product for the treatment of vaginal atrophy and low libido. Remember to include it in your list of medications when you visit your doctor and other health care providers.

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