Raspberry Ketones Supplement Review

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Raspberry Ketones
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Weight Loss
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  • Found in red raspberries, raspberry ketones are aromatic compounds with a similar chemical structure to capsaicin, which is found in hot peppers.
  • Raspberry ketones decreased fat accumulation in mice fed high-fat diets.
  • Raspberry ketones lowered the weight and fat content of mouse livers. Future research is needed to determine whether this might apply to people with fatty liver disease.
  • Topical raspberry ketones may improve skin elasticity and increase hair growth in people with hair loss.


  • Raspberry ketones are used widely in food, cosmetics, and perfumes. Although no specific risks have been identified to date, individuals should remain alert to a possible allergic reaction to the product.
  • Of greater concern, no studies have been undertaken to assess for weight loss in human subjects. Studies of mice and rats showed weight loss, or decreased weight gain with overfeeding.
  • On the basis of both its cost and the lack of sufficient research to support its weight loss claim, we recommend greater study of raspberry ketones before its use becomes widespread.

If you elect to try raspberry ketones, observe for any changes to your health.

DOSAGE:There is currently no established dosage for humans.

CONCLUSION:We conclude that while raspberry ketones show promise for aiding weight loss efforts, there is not enough evidence for us to recommend its use. If you do elect to try it, please discuss your decision with your doctor, and observe carefully for any changes to your health.

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