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  Evaluated for:
Effectiveness Rating Effectiveness Rating
GI distress in cancer patients
+1(Slight Evidence)
Treatment of anorexia in dementia patients
0 (Unclear Effectiveness)


  • In 20 published trials of rikkunshito, most evidence showed a beneficial effect in patients suffering from various kinds of gastrointestinal distress, including loss of appetite, constipation, and generalized discomfort. These resulted from 1) gastrectomy, 2) loss of appetite due to advanced cancer and ascites (abdominal fluid), 3) functional bowel syndromes like constipation, and 4) loss of appetite due to chemotherapy with cisplatin.
  • Though not useful for nausea and vomiting, rikkunshito does appear to improve appetite, gastric motility, and overall gut function.
  • Rikkunshito improved heartburn in patients in whom conventional proton pump inhibitor medications (e.g., omeprazole, pantoprazole) were not effective.


  • The studies of rikkunshito were small and probably of insufficient power to find important benefits or harms. The ability to draw broad conclusions from the data were hampered by different supplement sources, testing of different populations, and inconsistent outcome measures.
  • There have been no large randomized controlled trials, and a publication bias is likely. Long-term safety and drug interactions have not been clarified.

DOSAGE:Physicians who are familiar with this supplement will provide eligible patients with specific dosage recommendations.

CONCLUSION: If you use it, remember to include it in your list of medications when you visit your doctor and other health care providers.

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