Vitamin C Supplement Review

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Vitamin C
  Evaluated for:
Effectiveness Rating Effectiveness Rating
Prevention of common cold in marathon runners
+2 (Moderate Evidence)
Prevention of reflex sympathetic dystrophy in wrist fracture patients
+2 (Moderate Evidence)


  • We studied the use of vitamin C in marathon runners and found that it reduced the number of colds developed before a race from approximately 60% to 30%, but only if it was started several weeks prior to the race.
  • About 10% of wrist fracture patients will develop a chronic pain syndrome called reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Taking Vitamin C reduces this risk substantially.
  • Vitamin C is inexpensive and has relatively few side effects. The ratio of benefits to risks seems quite favorable.


  • We’ve heard lots of potential benefits for vitamin C in the past, and most have been disproved.
  • The studies that looked at vitamin C for these above indications were small. More studies are needed to confirm the benefits.


DOSAGE:250 to 500 mg taken twice daily.

CONCLUSION:We conclude that vitamin C is safe and effective for preventing the common cold in marathon runners. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy is a chronic, very painful condition and if there is a chance that it can be prevented by such a simple, inexpensive means then it seems well worth it. As always, whole foods like fresh fruits are always the best source of vitamins and minerals. In juice, vitamin C loses potency quickly, so reconstituted frozen juice has a higher concentration of active vitamin C than refrigerated juices. Fresh fruit has the most vitamin C by far. If you use it, remember to include it in your list of medications when you visit your doctor and other health care providers.

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