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Meet Our Experts
Cleveland Clinic, ranked as one of the nation’s best hospitals overall (5th in the country) by U.S. News & World Report 2015-16, is proud to offer expert advice and guidance to help you on your journey to wellness.
Meet Our Experts

About Cleveland Clinic Wellness

Your health.  What could be more valuable?  At Cleveland Clinic, putting patients first is, and always has been, our mission.  That’s why we created Cleveland Clinic Wellness, a website dedicated to providing truth and guidance for your total wellness journey. 

At Cleveland Clinic Wellness, we strive to arm you with truthful, fresh, inspiring and actionable lifestyle solutions for everyday living.  Our team, led by Cleveland Clinic Chief Wellness Officer and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Michael F. Roizen, has brought together mind, body and food solutions into a uniquely holistic package.

We know it takes work to be healthy, so we make the information as easy (and—gasp—as fun) as possible, giving you a deeper understanding of the complex and often mysterious nature of your mind and body.  With the best info, actionable ideas and a dose of inspiration, you’ve got the golden ticket to wellness. 

Cleveland Clinic Wellness offers four ways for you to start living your healthiest life today:

ClevelandClinicWellness.com: Find full articles (complete with small steps and actionable ideas) about mind, body, food, conditions and special interest features. Start here to find tools for creating a sustained healthy lifestyle.
Daily tip: Sign up for our FREE tips and get a daily dose of wellness delivered directly to your inbox. Also available on the iPhone.
Online Programs: Change your life in just eight weeks with the help of our guided, online programs.  Alleviate stress and achieve that sense of inner calm with Stress Free Now, get the rest you need with Go! to Sleep or learn to eat right and get healthy with Go! Foods for You.  Coming soon: Go! Get Physical.
Online Store: Find approved products from pedometers to chia seeds, including vitamins & supplements, skin care, sports & fitness, healthy eating, gifts & relaxation, books, DVDs and personal health.  Furthermore, our Prescriptive Wellness Committee shares the pros and cons of each product, so you can make informed decisions for yourself.

Wellness for Employers: We work with other employers to provide wellness assistance for their employees.  We evaluate the efficacy of their health and wellness programs, providing true clinical insight into how companies spend their healthcare dollars and helping redirect those dollars toward programs that are shown to be clinically effective. Here, an overview of services to help you build a culture of wellness in your business.

Find Wellness in Northeast Ohio: If you live in Northeast Ohio and would like to find the tools, information and support necessary to living a healthy lifestyle, we have a number of local programs that suit your wellness needs.  Learn more about our Retail Storefronts downtown and in Beachwood and Medina, Cleveland Clinic’s disease reversal Lifestyle 180 program, Sports Health services, Tobacco Cessation and Center for Integrative Medicine

Learn more about Cleveland Clinic: We provide integrated medical care to patients in the United States, Canada and around the world, and continue to be on the cutting edge of on-going innovative approaches to collaborative patient care, technology, and overall health and wellness advances.
At Cleveland Clinic, it is our mission to to help people live their healthiest lives.  That’s why we strive to provide outstanding and compassionate care, every step along the way.  And why we’re recognized as one of the nation’s top hospitals, and ranked No. 1 in heart care by US News and World Report since 1994.  Learn more about Cleveland Clinic at ccf.org.