Stress Free Now

Stress Free Now
Isn’t it time you took control of your stress?
Stress Free Now, Cleveland Clinic’s clinically proven, 6-week online course for reducing stress and increasing positive emotions and energy, teaches you how to practice relaxation techniques and gives you real-life strategies for managing your body’s reaction to stress.
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An innovative way to deal with stress
HLN’s Susan Hendricks shows us an innovative program that is helping people cope with stress no matter where they are.
Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Mike Roizen explains how unmanaged stress actually damages your body—in fact, stress is the greatest ager.
A healthy Las Vegas getaway
New York Times’ Stephanie Rosenbloom uncovers Cleveland Clinic wellness programs that help you make healthier choices.
Cleveland Clinic research shows internet-based program effective in reducing stress
30% Decrease and 88% Increase

Our study shows a 30% decrease in stress among program participants.

Our study shows an 88% increase in vitality among program participants.

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Stress Free Now
Stress Free Now
What You’ll Get
  • 6 specially crafted relaxation practices – the heart of the program
  • A stress assessment designed to measure your perceived stress and well-being at the start and end of the program
  • Daily strategies with step-by-step instructions that will help you more effectively respond to life’s stressors
  • Daily e-mails that remind you to do the relaxation practice
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