Dr. Roizen's Nutty Rice Bucket Challenge


In a “nutshell”, Dr. Roizen’s Nutty Rice Bucket Challenge is a fun way for friends and colleagues to roll up their sleeves, test their grip strength and win a prize! This friendly competition challenges participants to plunge their arm into a bucket filled with rice (it is tougher than it seems!) and pull a walnut pack up to the surface in the fastest time possible. The goal is less than 15 seconds. Challenge kits are available on our website.

Set up the challenge:

  1. Watch the challenge videos on our website.
  2. Find a great space to accommodate the challenge with space for friends to watch, cheer and take pictures!
  3. Each kit contains everything needed with the exception of the rice which will need to be purchased separately – 60 pound bags of long grain rice can be found at wholesale clubs.
  4. Spread the tarp out and place the three buckets on top of the tarp. Place 5 (1-ounce) bags of walnuts in the bottom of two of the buckets. (Additional bags can be ordered on our website)
  5. Fill one bucket with uncooked long grain rice up to the 25 pound line for women, and a second bucket to the 30 pound line for men. (The third bucket is a “dump bucket” which allows event leaders to easily start the competition over by adding new bags of walnuts and dumping the rice from either the women’s or men’s bucket on top)
  6. Prepare a stopwatch or smart phone timer to time each participant’s turn.

Get started:

  1. Remind participants to take off coats and remove jewelry on the hand they intend to plunge into the bucket.
  2. It’s always fun to film each challenge try, and post the videos on YouTube.
  3. Start the timer and dive in! Pull up the walnuts, stop the timer and record the time. Can’t do it in 15 seconds or less? Keep practicing and try again.
  4. Enjoy those brain and heart-healthy walnuts. (Remember, everyone’s a winner when it comes to improving grip strength – all participants deserve a bag of walnuts for giving the challenge their best shot!)

Next steps:

  1. Spend 5 minutes a day practicing with the rice bucket to improve grip strength.
  2. Share Dr. Roizen’s Nutty Rice Bucket Challenge with friends and colleagues – host an event or post your photos and videos on social media.
  3. Make a difference – donate to the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute to support wellness research and community outreach.
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