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Not only will eating the Mediterranean way help you feel more energized and help you lose weight, it can also have a meaningful impact on reducing your risk of disease.
Did you know that making simple changes to the way you eat could help you live longer and make those years far more vibrant and enjoyable? Eating foods that are good for you may be easier than you may think!... more
… mean following a Mediterranean-style diet and making other simple changes in the way you eat. … Wine and dark chocolate in the right amounts are a healthy part of the Mediterranean diet! … benefits of the Mediterranean diet • All of the foods that are part of this way of eating • How … ... more
Now imagine that the food is also so delicious that it seems more like a decadent treat than a health promoter. What could this magic food possibly be? Chocolate. Dark chocolate, to be precise.... more
6 Surprising Facts about the Mediterranean Diet  … Because the Mediterranean diet is lower in dairy (think cheese and milk) and favors nuts, it’s easy … truth is that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best diets for your health, and it’s also one of … ... more
Why A Mediterranean Diet Can Reduce Your Risk of Disease  … The good news is that following a Mediterranean diet can really help! … One group ate a Mediterranean style diet, and the other ate a Mediterranean style diet and followed … ... more
… recommend eating a Mediterranean-style diet comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables, heart-healthy … Eating a Mediterranean diet, on the other hand, can make you look and feel younger, reduce your risk … Mediterranean diet magic ... more
Protect your heart with the Mediterranean diet. … Not only is Mediterranean-style eating associated with fewer heart attacks and strokes in people wit … Food- Mediterranean Diet ... more
To increase your odds of living longer, follow a Mediterranean diet. … a healthful Mediterranean diet that’s loaded with fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, for … Food- Mediterranean Diet ... more
If you’re worried the Mediterranean diet will lead to weight gain, don’t be! … people who ate a Mediterranean-influenced diet with abundant plant foods, nutritious fats, and no c … Food- Mediterranean Diet ... more
If you’ve never swooned over asparagus or gone gaga over a tomato, then you’ve probably never waited all year for the season’s first crop... more