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Going back to school is often an exciting and stressful time for kids (and parents too). Here, eight things you can do to help your kids have their best and healthiest year ever.... more
When people think about ways to manage back pain, nutrition is not the first thing that comes to mind. But what you eat impacts your back health.... more
Our back is really an amazing feat of engineering. For one thing, our spine is a structure made up of 33 bones called vertebrae that support our entire body. ... more
The mind and its connection to illness and healing can’t exactly be explained by science. But Judi Bar can tell you that she experienced firsthand the power of the mind working against, and then with, her body... more
… causing your back pain, it’s one of those symptoms that can actually be made worse when you choose … Instead, take steps to diminish your focus and the stress in your back muscles. … Muscle inflammation and spasm and nerve irritation are the most common gang members in back pain.... more
It opens the chest and strengthens back muscles. … and a weak back. … It opens up the chest, stretches the shoulders and strengthens the upper back muscles.... more
Increasing back strength is not the only important part of back care. … It’s just as important to maintain good flexibility in your back. … When your back muscles become immobile, it’s difficult to perform simple tasks, like picking somethi … ... more
… strengthen your back and core and increase your flexibility, helping you to live pain free during f … Yoga Postures for Strengthening the Back and Core … A lot of back problems stem from weak or imbalanced muscles and poor core strength.... more
Inhale deeply and gently arch your back while extending the arms back behind you. … curving your lower back toward the back of the chair. … We also twist our spines when backing our cars out of the driveway.... more
Back to School & It’s Time for Mindfulness  … For parents, the back-to-school season is often a busy whirlwind of school supply shopping, school f … ... more