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People with chronic sleep troubles also have a greater risk of developing other problems, like heart … Don’t feel like you have to live with chronic difficulty sleeping. … Your first step should be to discuss your insomnia with your doctor.... more
Left untreated, chronic insomnia can raise the risk of developing many other diseases, including dep … cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for insomnia and approved hypnotic drugs. … seniors with insomnia may be better off with CBT.... more
Insomnia (specifically related to difficulty falling asleep) … medications for insomnia. … who suffer from chronic insomnia will most likely require a more comprehensive treatment approach.... more
When it comes to happiness, feeling supported and loved ranks high among our needs. Despite our need to connect, one in five people suffer from loneliness — and it affects more than the widows and wallflowers of the world.... more
Cleveland Clinic Experts Share Advice on the Methods They Use to Treat and Heal Depression... more
Chronic sleep disturbances manifested in insufficient hours of sleep, fragmented sleep and early mor … of adults with chronic insomnia, those who practiced mindfulness meditation (either a mindfulness-b … reduction in insomnia severity, which was sustained over 6 months in most participants.... more
People with chronic sleep disturbances such as insomnia (30 percent of us) have an increased risk of … Insomnia ... more
Have you ever stopped to notice what happens to your body when, after an intense day at work or dealing with the kids nonstop, you seek out your partner, a trusted family member or a good friend for support?... more
She also suffered from insomnia and other sleep problems for the better part of 10 years. … stress of her chronic conditions so well that she didn’t even need the medications.... more
… from occasional insomnia in the last year, while 10 to 15 percent of Americans have chronic sleep i … ... more