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Many experts recommend cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of insomnia. CBT corrects the thought patterns and behaviors that can cause or worsen insomnia, with help from a psychologist.... more
5 Habits for Healthier Kids (They Work for Parents Too! … them learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime. … Overstimulation from electronic devices may be harming kids’ ability to sleep.... more
Use school vacation to help teens establish better sleep habits. … known as the “sleep phase delay” — putting off their sleep onset time by about two hours. … Sleeping much longer will disrupt the body clock, making it difficult to get back to a normal schedu … ... more
Healthy sleep habits, not medications, will help you get the zzz’s you need! … Instead of taking meds, work to establish proper sleep habits. … If you need more help establishing good sleep-hygiene and healthier habits, try our online program ... more
Help them get what they need by practicing good sleep habits. … to relax before sleep — just like their parents do — go to bed later and fall short on the recommen … a recent National Sleep Foundation Poll found that many children get only 8.9 hours of sleep a nigh … ... more
Sleep-deprived kids with irregular sleep habits who catch up on their z’s on weekends are less prone … the most irregular sleep patterns were more than four times as likely to be obese, compared to kids … Catching up on sleep on the weekends cut that risk in half.... more
Three healthy habits that may also improve sleep: … the progression of sleep apnea, a condition that impedes breathing, disrupts sleep and has a negati … Build better sleep habits ... more
… actually hinders sleep. … get up, not go to sleep! … 5 habits for healthier kids (and parents!... more
When you sleep well, it’s easier to remember and plan. … with ADHD have sleep problems, including difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night, and … Practicing good sleep habits ... more
Try our mobile apps to de-stress, sleep better and surround yourself in wellness! … Are you getting the sleep you need? … your lifestyle and sleep habits, your personal Sleep Score and a brief explanation of your score.... more