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Sip warm milk. Eat turkey. Drink chamomile tea. There’s no shortage of dietary wisdom when it comes to insomnia. In reality, most foods and drinks have little to do with sleep, says Mark Mahowald, MD.... more
… courtesy of a sleepless night, get your blood flowing with a quick jaunt around the block.... more
When it comes to happiness, feeling supported and loved ranks high among our needs. Despite our need to connect, one in five people suffer from loneliness — and it affects more than the widows and wallflowers of the world.... more
never-ending crying, sleepless nights, and loading up on caffeine to make it through the next day! … And in a year or so, you won’t even remember those sleepless nights.... more
Two-thirds of American adults have difficulty sleeping. So we asked Michelle Drerup, PsyD, a psychologist and sleep specialist at the Cleveland Clinic’s Sleep Disorders Center, to help solve some common sleep problems.... more
Many people with primary insomnia — the kind not caused by an underlying medical problem — suffer from psychophysiologic insomnia, a conditioned sleep disorder in which the fretting focuses on sleep.... more
Many experts recommend cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of insomnia. CBT corrects the thought patterns and behaviors that can cause or worsen insomnia, with help from a psychologist.... more