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Your epidermis is showing! Remember that old joke? Before we knew what an epidermis was, it sounded awfully embarrassing. Now we thank goodness it’s showing. Without it, we’d be a big ol’ open wound! The epidermis (in case you never learned, it’s the uppermost layer of the skin), as well as the dermis (the middle layer) and the subcutaneous tissue (the innermost layer), make up the largest, most visible organ in our body. (Yes, the skin is an organ.) And while of course it’s important to keep our skin looking good, the most important role our skin plays has nothing to do with outer beauty. It keeps us healthy, covering and protecting everything within us. It defends us against the elements, blocks bacteria from getting into our bodies and keeps our internal temperature at a normal 98.6 degrees. All day you’re probably being bombarded with advertisements about how to get better skin. But really, getting better skin is all about getting healthier skin. So how do you do that? Your food choices, your skin care and even the way you think about aging.
Wow Fact
The skin is the only organ that can regenerate itself. Every second, deep at the bottom of the epidermis, new skin cells are forming. Once they’re ready, they move toward the top of the epidermis and take the place of the old cells that die and flake off.

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