Be Strong


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What can add years to your life, help you lose weight, boost your mood, improve your sleep, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, keep your bones and your brain healthy, and even reduce chocolate cravings? No, it’s not a magic pill. It’s walking! Yes, simply placing one foot in front of the other is the key to good health. To get the most benefit, you need to rack up 10,000 steps a day, according to experts. But as much as half of that can easily come from your normal daily routine, depending on your lifestyle. Then you just need to add a morning walk around the neighborhood or on the treadmill, or an after-dinner stroll to get in the rest.

Learn how to get the most out of your walking routine and how to stay properly hydrated. You can also read about four fabulous walkers — why they started stepping and what keeps them going. Their stories are sure to get — and keep —  you going!

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