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America is a nation that loves to BBQ. Here’s the bad news and the good news. Charred beef, chicken, pork and fish contain two things that tend to do damage to your body: heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). HCAs form when the amino acids found in the meat’s p ... Read more

You could slash your risk of Alzheimer’s just by eating like a Greek (not spending like the Greek — or even U.S. — governments)! In a large, 5-year study people with the least dementia risk ate the highest amounts of fruits, veggies, legumes and fish, but less meat and almost no dairy products – ... Read more

Just before the winter holidays, the Annals of Internal Medicine published an editorial that was supposed to settle the long-running debate about the need for a multivitamin. But did it? I think it did, but with a very different summary. Here is what the editorial said: “Most supplements do not p ... Read more
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Cut a dozen or more small hearts (or diamonds or stars or any shape you like) from newspapers or magazines with a meaningful word or picture at the center of the shape. Put them in an envelope with a note to the intended that says each one can be redeemed for a 1-hour walk throughout the coming y ... Read more
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Q: Can you get the flu from a flu shot? A: No. The virus in flu shots is dead, and the form in the nasal spray vaccine has been inactivated, so neither can cause flu. In a small percentage of people, vaccination can set in motion a few generalized immune reactions such as fatigue, muscle aches, ... Read more
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