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Some people live by the slogan “never let ‘em see you sweat.” But not sauna lovers. In gyms and health clubs, donning a fluffy towel and sitting in a cedar-lined, swelteringly hot room offers relaxation and head-to-toe warming. (Sounds nice this time of year, right?) A new study suggests the be ... Read more
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Where can you find your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on the moment? Right between your ears. The mind’s tendency to focus on the negative, called the “negativity bias,” probably evolved to protect us. Once upon a time, paying close attention to saber-toothed tigers and other threats ... Read more
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If there’s anyone out there who believes you have to choose between health and enjoyment at dinnertime, do we have a recipe for you! Our Cod with Lentils and Salsa Verde will delight your taste buds, stick to your ribs, and deliver powerful nutrients that help you stay healthy. Green lentils form ... Read more

Want to stay sharp as a tack through all your years? Who doesn’t? Along with brain-boosting physical activity, aim for a literal interpretation of Jefferson Airplane’s famous lyric: “Feed your head.” What you eat affects your whole body, including your brain, and over a lifetime your patterns are ... Read more

You feel full, yet you can’t stop thinking of ice cream. How to explain it? You may be able to blame your diet. While it’s normal to have food on the brain when you’re hungry, as you become full, those thoughts and memories of food should fade. The upshot? You eat the amount of food your body nee ... Read more

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