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Resolving phobias can be a tricky business. We’re not talking about heights or spiders, but the irrational fear of eating fat. The myths that “fat is unhealthy” and “fat will make you fat!” have hung on, fueled by a food industry that makes a lot of money off low-fat, highly processed “food,” a t ... Read more

Here’s a debate for the ages: What’s the optimal ratio of carbs to protein in order to reach a healthy weight? This question will likely be discussed until the proverbial cows come home, but here’s what matters most: the quality of the macronutrients (carbs, fats and protein) you eat. New researc ... Read more

If you’re a fan of my blog, then you know that I love to talk about walnuts. They are, in my mind, one of the best foods around. Walnuts are portable, healthy and satisfying and they provide the body with plenty of vitamin E, manganese, copper and omega 3 fatty acids. There is plenty of researc ... Read more

 How Nutty Are You?
A new study published in the Journal Diabetes Care has demonstrated yet another benefit of an old stand by snack – nuts. The study found that replacing a high carbohydrate snack with two ounces of nuts a day helped with glycemic and lipid control for people with Type 2 diabetes. Further, the ex ... Read more

Fat gets a bad rap. Nutritious fats are an essential part of every well-balanced diet. Many fats even help you absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat. A Purdue University study found that salad dressings made with monounsaturated fats (like olive, canola and sunflower oils) improve nutrient ... Read more
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