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Trends are universal. They pop up in technology, fashion, home design, and, yes, even food, and often quickly fade away. Such trends can be fun to follow, but when it comes to food and health, there’s much more at stake than an unfortunate fashion faux pas. Here are a few of the latest food trend ... Read more
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If you pay attention to food trends, no doubt you’ve noticed a lot of meal “bowls” popping up. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner have all emerged as bowls in restaurants, home kitchens, and even here at Cleveland Clinic Wellness. In terms of nutrition, this is a trend we really like. There are endless ... Read more

It’s high time to go nuts…in a good way! There’s a world of nutritious, delicious nut butters out there beyond the children’s classic. No offense, PB&J, but we’re ready to spread our wings and our celery sticks with almond butter, walnut butter, and cashew butter, for starters. “Across the bo ... Read more
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Like Clark Kent, certain foods hide superpowers underneath a plain exterior. We’re talking about dried lentils, peas, soybeans, kidney beans, navy beans, adzuki beans, chickpeas, and other members of the legume family known as “pulses.” Even though they may not catch your eye like berries, greens ... Read more

Like sweet potatoes in the fall and watermelon in the summer, certain foods immediately take me to a season. Grapefruit, I always thought, was summer. But as it turns out, grapefruit are just coming into their season as the New Year rolls in. Their Latin name, Citrus paradisi, says it all – just ... Read more

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