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The Mediterranean’s crystalline blue waters and plentiful sunshine are to die for. But the region’s traditional diet is to live for — and you don’t have to get on a plane to enjoy it. We know that your heart, waistline and overall health sing “hallelujah!” when you follow this type of diet, and n ... Read more
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If you’re following a Mediterranean-style diet, good for you! If you haven’t changed your eating habits yet, consider it. Eating fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, lentils and 100 percent whole grains reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, helps you maintain a healthy weight and can even make ... Read more

At Cleveland Clinic Wellness, for most people, we recommend eating a Mediterranean-style diet comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables, heart-healthy fats like olive oil, some fish and 100 percent whole grains. (For some, with more established disease, a diet of no added sugars and very low fat m ... Read more

Olive oil is an integral part of a Mediterranean-style diet. Eating a diet rich in olive oil cuts your risk of heart attack and stroke by 30 percent. To be sure you’re getting what you want, remember that not every oil that’s labeled “olive oil” delivers on its name. “Light” olive oils may be dil ... Read more

You could slash your risk of Alzheimer’s just by eating like a Greek (not spending like the Greek — or even U.S. — governments)! In a large, 5-year study people with the least dementia risk ate the highest amounts of fruits, veggies, legumes and fish, but less meat and almost no dairy products – ... Read more

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