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The next time you get distracted from your work by the latest adorable cat video making the rounds, watch it — guilt free! There’s no doubt that the Internet can suck up your time faster than a hungry vampire. But unlike “what the color of your car says about you” quizzes, videos featuring cats a ... Read more
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Being true to your authentic self, it turns out, makes you happier! And while those findings may not be as surprising as, say, the breakup of Ben and Jennifer, they are important nonetheless. We’ve all been there — that situation when you fake excitement or try to fit in with a crowd whose values ... Read more
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If you’re working hard to make a significant lifestyle change, you may be familiar with the phrase “just this once won’t hurt.” It usually happens when you’re tired, in a time crunch, or generally feeling overly stressed. This thought is usually connected to the uncomfortable feelings of change ... Read more
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Smile for the camera! Go ahead and jump into that photo booth with friends or family, or indulge in another group selfie. It’ll help keep you calm later on. It turns out that photos of people who appear happy cause changes to the amygdala, a part of your brain that processes emotions. Looking at ... Read more

Expose yourself to more awe-inspiring moments. Being in awe can enhance emotional well-being. Researchers found that jaw-dropping moments, like looking at the Grand Canyon or witnessing a gorgeous sunset, made study volunteers feel like they had more time available and made them more patient, les ... Read more

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