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 Managing Mood During Seasonal Changes
One of the most frequent questions from my patients during this season is “Do you think I might have seasonal affective disorder?” Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, is a form of depression that generally manifests in the late fall when there is less natural sunlight and the days b ... Read more
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 Daily Wellness Tip
Just as thinking about a good friend can help pull you out of the dumps, thinking about a pet can help stave off feelings of rejection. Research suggests that dogs and cats can be a strong source of emotional support to their owners. And, contrary to popular belief, most pet owners do not rely ... Read more
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We all have rough days — things go wrong or the unexpected happens. Although we can’t always avoid those days, we can move through them more effectively and recover from them more quickly. Here are four ways to help you when a stressful situation strikes: Breathe. When you’re in a stressful sit ... Read more
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It seems like common sense that when you count your blessings you’re happier. But it turns out that focusing on the many gifts in your life can make you healthier, too. Here’s one way to focus on the positive: Write a thank-you note to someone in your life who has done something kind or helpful f ... Read more
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As we approach the New Year, it is useful to take stock of the previous year. Recognize what went well, the good things you experienced, and the people with whom you connected in meaningful ways. It’s equally important to look at what didn’t go well, what no longer serves you, and barriers that ... Read more
ADDED TO  Happiness, Holidays, Self-Image  35 days 5 hours 2 min ago
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