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By now you’ve probably heard that a gratitude journal can powerfully improve your mood. And it’s no wonder: Keeping tabs on your daily appreciations can help you focus on just how many little things there are to celebrate in life. But if you want to get an even bigger emotional bang from your boo ... Read more
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The practice of “loving-kindness” is a great tool for dispelling negativity towards yourself and others. You simply send out well-wishes without any other attachment. Always start with yourself. Then repeat, in your mind or aloud: May I be happy. May I be healthy. May I be peaceful.Add in any oth ... Read more
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Anyone who has seen the YouTube hit of the guy who’s inching along in Los Angeles traffic belting out “Build Me Up Buttercup” probably recognizes the power of singing along. (If you haven’t seen the video, Google it; it will make your day!) But did you know that people who are members of organize ... Read more

There are times when I feel rattled and out of sorts because of all the projects, work and family demands in my life. When this happens, my mind races, already anticipating a difficult day. I feel drained before it even begins. And my attitude — well, lets just say that it’s less than stellar. ... Read more
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Many American families live with an overwhelming degree of clutter. Unfortunately, life in a disorganized home has been found to create anxiety in women (men, maybe not surprisingly, aren’t as bothered by it). If you’ve made a resolution to get organized, keeping your resolution may eliminate one ... Read more
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