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Here’s a novel idea: Tell the ones you love just how much with a gift for better health! This Cardio Superfoods Gift Pack says you care in a whole new way — with just the right ingredients for a healthier heart. Our gift pack is filled with gift-worthy kitchen essentials including: Organic Extra- ... Read more
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Sometimes all you need to take a trip around the world is a taste of the regional specialties. Give the adventurous cooks in your life a culinary journey they won’t soon forget with the Sushi Chef Kit. This kit includes all that they’ll need to prepare sushi at home, plus a helpful, illustrated c ... Read more

We’re sweet on these holiday treats for good reason! These dark chocolates are heart-healthy, packed with flavonoids and proven mood boosters. They make easy gifts, stocking stuffers, and, of course, a delicious treat for you. A few of our favorites: Featherss Dark Chocolates. These make grea ... Read more
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Summer parties can have a way of derailing your best efforts to eat healthful foods, even if you’re conscientious most of the year. Facing a picnic table filled with barbecued ribs, potato salad and margaritas can be challenging, especially if there are few other nutritious options available. If ... Read more
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It's March — and that means that stores are filled with green-colored muffins, candy and other unhealthy foods to commemorate St. Patrick's Day. This year I’m not going to tell you that you shouldn’t have the corned beef, refined flour soda bread or excessive beer on St. Patty's day. You alread ... Read more
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Mind matters: Spend a few minutes outdoors every day and eat a diet filled with vitamin-D-rich foods to help keep your bread full tip
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