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Every family has its favorite holiday recipes. And, let’s be honest, some of them aren’t all that good for you (we’re looking at you, sweet potato pie with marshmallows). But you can capture the essence of your favorite flavors without the processed vegetable oil and sugar, says Amy Gannon, MEd, ... Read more

The holidays are known to be a hectic time—full of trips to the store, family gatherings, and lots and lots of cooking. Unfortunately, these additional tasks often add a hefty dose of stress to already busy days. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take a moment to find (and feel) gratitu ... Read more
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The holidays are a time of year when we happily look forward to spending time with family and friends. And yet we’re often so busy with holiday tasks — buying, wrapping, planning, cooking, decorating inside and out — that we wind up in a solo stress bubble instead of celebrating with loved ones. ... Read more
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Ever heard of the cuddle cure? Good relationships depend on good communication, but not just the verbal kind. In fact, if stress levels are running high in your home — very common this time of year — you may want to zip your lip and try a hands-on approach. Physical contact with your significant ... Read more
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If you’re someone who is generally conscientious about food and drink, the holidays can cause nightmares. I’m not talking about the fright of indigestion after eating a rich meal or drinking more than reasonable, although that certainly can be scary. I’m talking about what happens when you real ... Read more
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