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If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got at least one of the following resolutions on your list for the New Year: lose weight, exercise more and reduce your stress. Those are all terrific goals. However, research shows that just three months after the start of the year, a high percentage ... Read more
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Delight your brunch guests with a baked good that’s more sophisticated and nutritious than the average pastry, muffin or bagel. Made with whole-grain flour and cornmeal, our Cranberry Scones won’t send your blood sugar soaring They’ll keep your senses engaged with subtle sweetness, crumbly textur ... Read more

Stay on top of your stress response this season with the mind-body equivalent of a chill pill. Alternate-nostril breathing is believed to balance the hemispheres of the brain and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. Translation: “It can quiet the mind and help you relax,” says Jane Erhma ... Read more

Express your love and friendship through a gift that signifies growth and relaxation. Aromatic lavender in a beautiful bamboo pot makes the perfect gift for cooks and plant-lovers alike. Lavender aromatherapy has a calming and soothing effect. The edible flowers can also be added to salads, stews ... Read more
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It’s treat season again, with candy canes, cookies and confections everywhere you look. But not all sweet stuff is created equal. With the right ingredients, you can tantalize the senses without compromising your health. Our Dark Chocolate Truffles, a perfect dessert for any holiday gathering, ar ... Read more
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Six surprising signs that you may be sleep-deprived. What you need to know to get what you need!read full tip
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