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Though your drugstore is stocked with a multitude of cold meds, there are really just a couple of things that have actually been proven to speed up a cold. They are: vitamin C and andrographis (and your mom’s chicken soup). Take regular doses of these the moment you start feeling symptoms. That’s ... Read more
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Q: Can you get the flu from a flu shot? A: No. The virus in flu shots is dead, and the form in the nasal spray vaccine has been inactivated, so neither can cause flu. In a small percentage of people, vaccination can set in motion a few generalized immune reactions such as fatigue, muscle aches, ... Read more
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Did you spend last year’s holiday season stuck in bed with the flu? This year, build a stronger immune system that you can give thanks for at the Thanksgiving table. Your first line of defense against the flu should always be your annual flu shot. It takes two weeks for the vaccine to kick in, ... Read more
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Older adults who don’t sleep well may be putting themselves at risk for health problems — especially in the face of stress. Research in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry found that seniors who reported poor-quality sleep showed greater markers of inflammation during stressful situati ... Read more

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Colon cleansing may be all the rage, but this is one fad you should forget, says a warning in The Journal of Family Practice. Just because health-conscious celebrities swear by it does not mean it is healthy or even safe. Proponents claim that the practice removes harmful toxins from the body, ... Read more

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