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What are friends for? Life itself, as it turns out. It’s true: Having a circle of friends is key to living a healthy, long life. In fact, having friends and strong family ties is as important to longevity as exercising, maintaining your weight, quitting smoking and limiting alcohol. More sociable ... Read more

The next time you get the sniffles, take two hugs and call us in the morning! You know how comforting physical affection can be from someone you love. Well, those good, snuggly vibes may also help keep the doctor away. In a recent study of people exposed to a common cold virus, those who received ... Read more

Is your smartphone attached to your hand 24/7? You’re not alone. At least 60 percent of American adults own a smartphone (and that number only increases with every Samsung and Apple release). Just look around: Challenge your spouse or your kids to find the first person at your local coffee shop o ... Read more

Keep your love alive for longer — by keeping each other healthy! Good habits can be contagious. Teaming up with your partner to start or maintain good habits and banish bad ones makes you more likely to succeed, says new research. Among women trying to quit smoking, for instance, those whose part ... Read more

This tip is partially excerpted from This Is Your Do-Over, by Cleveland Clinic Chief Wellness Officer Mike Roizen, MD. Walking throughout the day may not be the sexy solution to your health problems, because, well, sometimes it feels more boring than reading instruction manuals (unless you’re wal ... Read more

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Feeling anxious? Meditation can make you more resilient. read full tip
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