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It’s all well and good if “the whole world laughs with you”, but what about your partner? When it comes to love, trust your gut — but pay attention to your giggles, too. Laughing with your mate can be a sign of a strong relationship, according to two new studies. Guffawing is seriously healthy — ... Read more

Team up to fight stress. Spending time holding one another can help melt away tension. Research shows that when couples took time to show physical affection by way of hand-holding, hugging and cuddling, it boosted their levels of the love hormone oxytocin and reduced levels of alpha amylase, a st ... Read more

In many relationships, even though joy, peace and love often rule the day, they can sometimes turn on a dime when you’re obviously right about something (and, it goes without saying, your partner is, completely and utterly wrong). The need to be right — and to assert it over and over — can lead t ... Read more

Have you ever wondered how couples like Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft or Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman stayed married for so long? Chances are good that respect and positivity played a big part. Relationship experts at the Gottman Institute, renowned for its work on couples therapy, say couples ... Read more

Do you spoon with your partner, or do you sleep on one edge of the bed while your partner occupies the other? If you’re a spooner, there’s a good chance you’re more satisfied with your relationship. Researchers have found that a couple’s closeness is reflected in the distance between them when th ... Read more

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