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Take the express train to the Land of Nod tonight. Let your mind drift toward a relaxing scene, like rolling ocean waves, a meandering river, or a field of flowers swaying in the wind. When you picture something soothing — whatever that means for you — you’re more likely to fall asleep within 20 ... Read more
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Expose yourself to more awe-inspiring moments. Being in awe can enhance emotional well-being. Researchers found that jaw-dropping moments, like looking at the Grand Canyon or witnessing a gorgeous sunset, made study volunteers feel like they had more time available and made them more patient, les ... Read more

Whether stepping outside for a morning walk, lounging on your porch or deck, or even sitting by an open the window, having a few minutes to connect with nature can help you set a calm, grounded and positive tone for the day ahead. Research shows that when we connect with nature, even for just a ... Read more
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Stress won’t stand a chance against the relaxing power of deep, cleansing breaths. Breathing deeply, from your diaphragm instead of your chest, can help bring about feelings of calm and even stop you from making rash decisions. In addition to practicing belly breathing, repeat a phrase like “Take ... Read more
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Picture yourself drifting slowly and gently off to sleep, your body and mind completely relaxed. Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) can help you achieve this blissful state. The technique teaches you how to tense and then deeply relax all of the muscle groups in your body, releasing the stress-r ... Read more
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