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Cleveland Clinic Wellness is pleased to announce the opening of our new online store. We wanted to improve our customers’ shopping experience – making it faster, easier and stress-free – and we found just the ticket with Shopify. Shopify powers the online stores of over 175,000 businesses aroun ... Read more
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If you’re in love with a tea or coffee lover, you know how important a delicious mug is in the morning – and throughout the rest of the day. Show you know your special someone by presenting gifts that will help them enjoy their favorite beverage this Valentine’s Day. Coffee- and tea-related gif ... Read more
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While the roots of Valentine’s Day go way back to Roman times, chocolate gifts weren’t a part of the holiday back then. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that chocolate came on the scene as part of the celebration of love. Nowadays, of course, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are a traditional way t ... Read more

I don’t always like food trends – gluten hating, protein-infused snack food – but “spiralized” fruits and vegetables are a trend that deserves to stay. A spiralizer is a small kitchen tool that allows you to push or crank raw produce through to produce continuous, spiral pieces. Couldn’t we just ... Read more

Toddlers do it, grade schoolers do it, and now adults do it, too. We’re talking about coloring, something you may have thought you left behind in elementary school. Skip (or supplement) the electronic gadget gifts this year, and give friends and family some peace of mind with one of three Color M ... Read more
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