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Mom and Dad, here’s your assignment: Get outside and play with your kids. We know that your days are busy, but playing with your kids after work is as important as helping them with their homework. Staying active helps your kids do better academically. Researchers are beginning to understand why: ... Read more

Stress is one of those double-edged swords. It can motivate you to meet deadlines, spur you to cross things off your to-do list, and even help you make important decisions in high-pressure situations. But unchecked, your responses to stressful situations can be more harmful to your health and you ... Read more
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Exercise is good for your heart, your bones, your brain and, it turns out, your eyes. You read that right. As anyone who has stared middle age in the face knows, your arms seem shorter as you get older; turns out you have to hold that material farther from your eyes to read it as well. First you ... Read more
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Have a seat. Now freeze! Notice how you’re sitting and answer these questions: Are both feet flat on the floor? Are your legs bent at a 90-degree angle with your knees over your ankles? Is your spine straight? Are your abdominals gently pulled in? Are your shoulders down with your shoulde ... Read more

Blueberries are definitely part of the in crowd, always topping lists of superfoods. With their peeper-protecting vitamin C and cancer-preventing polyphenols, it’s no wonder these dark blue beauties always get invited to the party. Add a bit of sweet delight to your fall dinners with this Warm Be ... Read more
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Cut your risk of heart attack and stroke with one easy change: Shake your salt habit! read full tip
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