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Fun fact: Viruses (especially the stomach flu variety) move through office buildings, hotels and even health care facilities faster than a peregrine falcon diving for prey! OK, maybe not quite that fast, but germs from a sick person spread to commonly touched objects and other people within a mat ... Read more

These eggs really are incredible! Packed with antioxidants, protein, and nutrients, eggs have been shown to reduce cancer and cardiovascular risk. Plus, they’ll help you feel full and satisfied, which is especially true of this flavorful, tomato-based dish. With fresh veggies and spices, it’s t ... Read more
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Looking for a way to say how much you care about someone? Skip the jewelry, expensive meal or flowers, and plan an activity that will get you both moving — together! Whether your loved one is your partner or friend, young or old, enjoying an activity together will boost your spirits and strengthe ... Read more
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If you use a topical retinoid, you probably love the product’s anti-aging effects. However, now that cold and dry weather is upon us, your skin may be starting to flake off like an old paint job! It’s time to take a look at the combinations of products you’re using. “Be especially cautious when u ... Read more
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Interested in a time-tested headache remedy that doesn’t come in a bottle? Try acupuncture. In acupuncture, a licensed practitioner inserts sterile, hair-thin needles into various parts of the body. Though images of a real-life voodoo doll may come to mind, the treatment is painless and proven. M ... Read more
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Say so long to those Thanksgiving leftovers and hello to the ultimate veggie full tip
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