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Scientists have discovered that tomatidine, a compound found in green tomatoes, is a surprisingly potent weapon in building muscle and protecting against muscle atrophy (aka, breakdown or wasting). Muscle atrophy has a number of causes, including aging, illness (such as cancer or heart failure) a ... Read more
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This spicy but light dressing gives kale salad just the right kick. Toasted almonds and creamy avocado add the perfect textures. You’ll feel great about enjoying and sharing this delicious and super-healthy salad! Created by Sara Quessenberry for Cleveland Clinic Wellness   Yield: 4 Servings ... Read more
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Adequate consumption of long-chain omega-3 fatty acid EPA and DHA (found in fish like salmon, and the algae they eat) may have a protective effect on cognitive ability, with lowest intakes predictive of cognitive decline two years later. This latest research adds to the mounting evidence that die ... Read more

Postmenopausal women need not endure urine leakage. Women who took part in a yoga program designed to bolster pelvic muscles experienced a 70 percent drop in urine leakage frequency, especially during activities like coughing, sneezing or bending over. Judi Bar, yoga therapist and yoga program ma ... Read more

It may be time to rethink those late-night dramas you watch on TV. Seeing the hero sweat out a crisis might make your heart pound. Stress is, in fact, contagious. A recent study compared cortisol concentrations in various individuals and found that while so-called “empathetic stress” is most like ... Read more
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If you’re having trouble mustering up the energy to exercise in the dog days of summer, an affirmation can help you carry on. read full tip
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