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Are you struggling with the idea of becoming an empty nester? While it may not feel like an adventure immediately, it certainly can be! Take a cue from your child: He’s moving into a new chapter of his life, with greater independence, unknowns, and an imagination filled with wonderful ideas and ... Read more
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Most of us, at some point in our lives, have experienced work-related stress. Maybe you have regular meetings or colleagues or clients who cause you stress, or maybe the stress comes on unexpectedly. Regardless of the circumstances, using stress management tools can have a real impact on how ef ... Read more
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We are creatures of habit. When the clock strikes 12, we’re hungry and ready to eat; when we see our beds, we feel tired and ready to go to sleep. Stress relief can be just as natural a response, if you condition your mind/body for it. Here’s how: Choose the same time and place to practice stress ... Read more
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Take a moment. Reflect on a past “failure” or “mistake.” Notice how your energy shifts. Not a great feeling, right? That’s because your focus was on what went wrong, rather than the solution. Now try this: Focus on a life lesson, something you learned from a situation. The energy feels more pos ... Read more
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If you were to going to travel a long distance to visit another city or state, would you just get in your car and hope that it would take you in the right direction to your destination? Probably not. You would intentionally plan your trip and determine the best route to where you’re going. So why ... Read more
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