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 Ellen Rome
Children with a strong family history of high cholesterol or early cardiac disease (mother or father diagnosed before age 40) should have their cholesterol level checked once before age 10. Children without these factors can be screened once in their teen years.   If the total cholesterol lev ... Read more
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 Ellen Rome
Hinting to your son or daughter about her extra weight (or hurling insults) will only backfire, because it chips away at self-esteem. Boys and girls do much better with weight loss when parents play to a child’s strengths, instead of his weaknesses. A child who feels empowered, rather than defe ... Read more

 Dr. Rome
1. Be a good role model.If you’re feeding your brood carrot sticks while you’re chowing down on chips, good luck getting them on board with healthy eating. Kids do as they see, not as they’re told.   2. Commit to developing a fruit- and veggie-friendly palate.Regularly exposing kids to health ... Read more

 Dr. Rome
The most commonly accepted treatment approach for attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a combined intervention of behavior therapy and medication. Behavior therapy is the mainstay for treatment in younger children with ADD/ADHD.   Optimally, parents, teach ... Read more
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 Dr. Rome
Constipation occurs when the muscles at the end of the large intestine tightens, keeping stool from getting through. That slower movement allows time for more water to be drawn off from the stool into the bloodstream, making the remaining stool harder. Since pushing out a hard, dry stool hurts ... Read more

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Finally…it’s spring! That means it’s asparagus season. Look for tight tips and firm stalks for the freshest taste and most nutrition. read full tip
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