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If you were to going to travel a long distance to visit another city or state, would you just get in your car and hope that it would take you in the right direction to your destination? Probably not. You would intentionally plan your trip and determine the best route to where you’re going. So why ... Read more
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Recently, my attention was drawn to a 3-year-old sitting on the floor repeatedly calling, “Mommy, mommy, look!” But mommy was absorbed in her smart phone, texting or emailing and oblivious to her child’s calls. On a daily basis, people cross streets and walk around neighborhoods, barely looking u ... Read more
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Taking time regularly to be quiet and alone with our thoughts helps us gain perspective and insight, and it can stir our creativity. During this time of solitude our thoughts flow freely, expanding and developing, without interruption. New ideas may come to mind, or fresh insights about you, a ... Read more
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Many of us are used to setting goals, making plans and organizing our days in order to make things happen according to our wishes. The truth is, sometimes our best laid plans fall through. The business deal you’ve invested hours in making happen falls through; your client cancels at the last mi ... Read more
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We’re probably all familiar with the feeling of wishing we had more time in the day to get things done. But instead of wishing for longer days, we can simply focus on how to be more productive with the time that we have. Here are three sure ways to help you make more of each day.  1. Begin yo ... Read more

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Here’s another way to to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes: Eat no-sugar added, non-fat yogurt. read full tip
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