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Wintertime calls for a responsive and resilient immune system to fight off colds and flu. To boost your resistance to seasonal illnesses, look to the foods you eat for help. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and probiotics all work to boost both innate and acquired immunity. Choose ... Read more

Working in wellness has lots of perks. One of the best ones is my access to cutting-edge research, which allows me to keep my clients up-to-date about the benefits of good nutrition. We’ve heard the news about veggies — they’re good for your heart, your waistline and so much more. But what you ... Read more
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Want to be the hero of your household as your kids head back to school? Prepare delicious foods your kids will look forward to eating. The secret? Focus on telling your kids how great the foods taste, NOT on how healthy they are. In my experience, that gets the best results for most families. H ... Read more

Every summer, as the weather warms, I look forward to all the outdoor activities — swimming, baseball games, picnics and so many more. But with a very fair toddler at home, sunscreen is a must-have for all of our outdoor events. Of course, it’s not only important for children to be covered in s ... Read more
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Did you know that cinnamon can have preventive benefits at the cellular level? Adding just one teaspoon of cinnamon to your beverages or food may prevent cell damage. Cinnamon, the dried inner bark of various evergreen trees, acts as a rich source of flavonoids (protective chemicals) for your bod ... Read more
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