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There you are…good and tired, ready to have a restful night of sleep. But just as soon as your head hits the pillow, your mind begins rehashing the day: the chaotic morning rush with kids, a difficult meeting at work, calls not returned, and on and on. Your busy mind is working overtime while y ... Read more
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Whether stepping outside for a morning walk, lounging on your porch or deck, or even sitting by an open the window, having a few minutes to connect with nature can help you set a calm, grounded and positive tone for the day ahead. Research shows that when we connect with nature, even for just a ... Read more
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Experiencing hot flashes or night sweats can be frustrating and upsetting, even embarrassing. However, there are effective treatments: Hormone therapy and certain antidepressants have been shown to reduce the frequency of hot flashes by 75 percent and the severity by 87 percent. However, many w ... Read more
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Take a minute and bring to mind the memory of a happy or funny moment. It could be a hilarious story that your spouse shared with you or the way your dog greets you when you come home. Automatically, you smile. Notice how your mood improves, even just a little. Now, multiply that by the thousan ... Read more
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Don’t let this beautiful spring season slip away without taking the time to appreciate its beauty. Making time to be fully present to the natural beauty around you improves your well-being, according to research. And there’s no better time to enjoy nature than spring — the season of new beginni ... Read more
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Smiling is the ultimate ice-breaker and the key to making new full tip
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