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In spring and summer, we’re greeted by the joys of delicious farm-fresh foods, longer days and warming sunshine. The warmer months also present an opportunity to reconnect your mind-body with Mother Nature. One of the best ways to do that is through yoga. The original purpose of yoga was to achie ... Read more

Planes, trains and automobiles — ‘tis the season for travel! Preparing for a journey often brings a sense of excitement and anticipation, but not without added stress as well. To stay calm and make the most of your travels, turn to yoga. This ancient practice will help you achieve the balance and ... Read more

There are many long-awaited blessings that arrive with spring — warmer weather, more daylight, and blooming trees and gardens. But, alas, spring brings more than just sunshine and baseball games: It brings tax time. As you’ve undoubtedly experienced, income tax season can be incredibly stressful. ... Read more

Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. As we come out of hibernation, we clean up our homes and gardens to make them more suitable for our changing needs and comforts. Closets are de-cluttered, windows are opened so that fresh air can flow in, and our yards are cleared of debris that has b ... Read more
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After a winter of record-breaking cold, most of us are bubbling with excitement at the arrival of spring. However, for people with seasonal allergies, the anticipation of spring may also cause some anxiety. Allergy season begins in the spring as trees and flowers begin to bloom and pollen is rele ... Read more

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