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Everyday living can be physically demanding on our bodies. The repetition and stress from specific daily routines and work can sometimes cause discomfort, sometimes where we least expect it. Our wrists often bear the brunt of overuse and lack of variation in movement and, as a result, we feel disco ... Read more

Even when you welcome the day with enthusiasm, you may still hit a wall, or “energy slump,” at some point. Whatever the reason – too much stress, not enough sleep, not eating properly, or too much to do – you have the ability to recharge through these moments with yoga. Try these energizing poses ... Read more

Day is done, gone the sun, and you’re headed for bed, eager to do some overnight rejuvenating. Centering your mind and body before you lie down can help you have a sound, refreshing sleep. These three yoga poses are all you need. Forward Fold/ Rag Doll This pose brings the head below the hear ... Read more

Looking for a great reason to stay in bed a little longer in the morning? Do yoga (in bed!). Before you even put a foot on the floor, you can do three simple poses that will start your day beautifully. 1. Ruler Pose: Lie flat on your back without a pillow. Slide down to allow enough room to stret ... Read more

Each one of us is unique, and we each have a unique purpose. Yoga practice can help unearth talents and passions that lead us to our true purpose. As you hold each pose, allow this inquiry regarding your passions and purpose to come from deep within your center. Start in a comfortable, upright, s ... Read more

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