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We all experience anxiety, trauma and stress, especially in this modern world. As a result, our nervous system is often on high alert, sending stress hormones coursing through our bodies. Unless we seek out practices that interrupt this stress response, anxiety can rob us of the joy and beauty in ... Read more

In many parts of the country—and certainly here in Northeast Ohio—fall is a time to position yourself front and center, and participate in the beauty of the season. Returning to your senses with some easy outdoor yoga brings you beautifully into the moment as you experience the landscapes of fall ... Read more

Taking what you learn on the yoga mat into your life is one of the most beautiful aspects of a yoga practice. Yoga is an integrative practice that can help you navigate your busy schedule with a sense of calm. It does this through breath, movement and awareness. These three skills are the ones to ... Read more

Now that the kids are back in school, vacation travel is over and you’re hard at work, chances are that you’re holding onto a lot of tension in your upper body. Although summer is fun-filled, it can also be hectic and activity-packed, making it hard to stick to your self-care routines. Get yourse ... Read more
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Pairing nature with yoga is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness and get in touch with yourself and your surroundings. Late summer, when it’s warm and your body is looser, is a perfect time to practice heart-opening poses outdoors. The beauty of these poses is that they can release stress and te ... Read more
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