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Can You Afford to Eat Healthy?
By Cleveland Clinic Wellness Editors 
Published 9/8/2011 
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The real question is, can you afford not to eat healthy? We understand your concerns about shopping economically. Yet we also realize the true value of a healthy diet. Fortunately, you can eat healthy on a budget! To demonstrate, we’ve asked Cleveland Clinic registered dietitians to “bust” some common myths about the costs of eating well to be well:

MYTH: Fruits and vegetables are expensive.
FACT: You can find reasonably priced fruits and vegetables when they are in season. When produce is out-of-season, save money by buying frozen fruits and veggies – the nutrients are all there!

MYTH: It takes too much time to eat healthy.
FACT: With a little planning, eating healthy doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Create a meal plan for the week; make a large batch of a healthy meal; freeze the divided portions, and reheat for busy weeknights.

MYTH: Meat and chicken are the only real sources of protein.
FACT: You don’t have to buy red meat and poultry to find good sources of protein. Eggs, beans and canned tuna are also good protein sources – and more reasonably priced.

MYTH: Fat-free, single-serving, pre-packaged foods are healthier.
FACT: Portion-controlled, 100-calorie snack packs are not necessarily healthy for you, and neither are foods labeled “fat-free.” Fresh fruits and vegetables can be more nutritious and economical – they’re naturally portion-controlled and come perfectly packaged!

MYTH: Fast-food value menu items are a bargain.
FACT: That $1 menu item might seem like a good buy, but do the math and you’ll find that costs will quickly multiply for a family of four or more.

Once you separate myth from fact, it’s easy to see that stocking the cupboard and fridge with nutritious foods doesn’t have to set you back.

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