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Mediterranean Diet Magic
By Cleveland Clinic Wellness Editors 
Published 3/6/2012 
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This Is Not a Trick
Would you believe that there’s a simple way to look younger, lose weight, lower your risk for numerous diseases, and even live longer? You don’t have to spend hours at the gym, go on a juice cleanse, or even deprive yourself of the foods you love. You just have to learn to eat right. And by right we mean following a Mediterranean-style diet and making other simple changes in the way you eat. This healthy way of eating may seem like magic — the list of health benefits is wonderfully long — but it’s not a trick. It really works.
And there’s one easy way to learn how to do it. Interested? Read on.
Prevent and Even Reverse Disease
Did You Know? Eating a Mediterranean-style diet reduces your risk of heart disease, as well as the occurrence of cancer, obesity and type 2 diabetes.
That’s why doctors and specialists at the Cleveland Clinic have developed GO! Foods for You, an eight-week online program designed to teach you how to follow a Mediterranean-inspired diet, improve your health, and change your life for the better. “The more closely you adhere to the Mediterranean diet,” says Dr. Michael Roizen, chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic and frequent Dr. Oz Show guest, “the lower your chance of having a disease or disability, and the lower your chance of having a health event like a heart attack.”
Dr. Oz Says So Too
Did You Know? Dr. Oz, who hails from Turkey, says that in his homeland, people always eat nuts. When you replace saturated fat in your diet with healthy fats like nuts, your cholesterol levels go down.
Dr. Oz has devoted at least two episodes of his show talking about the health secrets of the Mediterranean. The combination of healthy eating and an active lifestyle, he says, is what allows people of the Mediterranean to live longer, look younger and live better. And the best part? They don’t think of their eating habits as a diet plan; it’s simply their way of life.
Eating Right = Enjoyment
Did You Know? Wine and dark chocolate in the right amounts are a healthy part of the Mediterranean diet!
GO! Foods for You is not a deprivation diet (although you will lose weight during the program). Created by Cleveland Clinic dietitian Amy Jamieson-Petonic, the program celebrates healthy food so you can make mealtime an enjoyable — not a dreaded, guilt-inducing! — part of your daily life. In fact, every day Amy serves up a new, delicious Mediterranean recipe, created by Cleveland Clinic doctors and chefs. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill recipes: Every one includes an explanation of the health benefits of that combination of ingredients.
Small Steps, Big Changes
Did You Know? Beverages with meals can easily add 500 calories to your daily intake and can pack on the pounds over time. That’s why one of Amy’s recommended activities is to swap out unhealthy, calorie-rich beverages for ones that are actually good for you.
After you sign up for, you’ll take an eating assessment, so you’ll know what you need to work on most — and why. Then you’ll choose your activities for the first lesson, including those recommended in your assessment results. Think of these activities as the small steps you will take along the way to changing your eating behavior. Every week, you choose a combination of recommended activities plus the ones you want to try — whether it’s eating more veggies, eating a meal you usually skip, or trying a trick to reduce your cravings.
It Really Works
Did You Know? In a study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, participants who were given a structured behavioral treatment program with weekly contact and individualized feedback had better weight loss compared with those given links to educational Web sites.
In addition to a daily recipe and activities, during GO! Foods for You, you will receive daily e-mails from Amy, helpful tips, a daily article and weekly videos featuring Amy and fellow Cleveland Clinic dietitian and frequent Dr. Oz Show guest Kristin Kirkpatrick. Plus, as you complete your activities, you can use your personalized Progress Tracker to see your accomplishments.
Have a Taste
Did You Know? When you eat more mindfully, you take in fewer calories. University of Rhode Island researchers found that women who ate lunch more slowly consumed 67 fewer calories per meal — and still felt more satisfied — than those who ate more quickly. And those calories add up to weight loss!
How to eat mindfully is just one of the many techniques you’ll learn during GO! Foods for You. You’ll also learn:
• The many benefits of the Mediterranean diet
• All of the foods that are part of this way of eating
• How to perform a “pantry swap”
• How to cook and prepare healthy, delicious meals in no time
• How to snack smart
• How to control your portions
And much, much more!
Dig In!
Did You Know? Weight loss studies conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health indicate that you can achieve sustained weight loss with almost any eating plan as long as you’re willing and able to follow it. Unlike some diet plans available, sticking to healthier eating habits is easy when you do it the Mediterranean way.
Think about it: In just eight enjoyable weeks, you’ll improve your health and change your life for the better — by changing what and how you eat. Why go on another diet? Instead, learn how to eat right for life with GO! Foods for You. You’ll feel better, look better and be healthier!

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