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“Give me some chicken, franks, and fries
And you can pass me a lettuce. I'm a pass it by
So keep shoveling, onto my plate
Give me some sweets and lots of cake
Give me some hot macaroni and cheese!
Give me some more food PLEASE!!
Give me some baloney, salami, and ham
Toast with butter and strawberry jam…”

As The Fat Boys sang it, choice is a powerful thing. It can be empowering to know that you are in control of your own destiny; it can also feel overwhelming if you don’t have the information to make the right decisions. The Fat Boys? Not good decision makers. Making the best food choices on a daily basis will have both immediate and long-term effects on your body.  Select healthy, nutritious foods and your meals will not only satisfy your hunger, they’ll improve your mood and give you more energy; they’ll also set you up for long-term wellness — preventing and, in some cases, reversing such illnesses and conditions as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity. 

What makes a choice “smart,” particularly when it comes to food? One that is heavy on beneficial, body-fueling nutrients and light on the ones that pack on weight and increase health risks. In addition to showing you what foods make good choices on a regular basis, we’ll help you understand the thought process that goes into making repeated good decisions, as well as show how those choices benefit your body on a food-by-food basis.

You don’t have to worry about all of this decision making taking over your life, either: Repeatedly making good choices builds up healthy habits, and they eventually become automatic — even obvious!

Wow Fact
A glazed doughnut has almost exactly the same number of calories as a bowl of high-fiber multigrain cereal with nonfat yogurt and blueberries. So you can eat either one, right? Nope. The cereal choice has about a quarter of the fat — and six times the fiber! Eat the doughnut and you’ll be hungry in less than two hours; eat the cereal and you’ll find you eat less all day long.

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